The new Fortune’s Keep map in Warzone has a secret vault Easter egg in the throne room – here’s how you can open the vault and grab all of the loot inside!

An updated version of Fortune’s Keep came to Warzone in the Season 2 update, and it is full of secrets, both around the island and deep inside the keep itself.

Underneath the throne room, there is a vault full of treasure. However, getting in there requires solving an Easter egg puzzle, which involves lighting torches.

How to Open the Throne Room Vault in Fortune’s Keep

To open the throne room vault in the Warzone Fortune’s Keep map, you must first light the torches in the throne room and crouch on the throne. Then, head down the hidden stairs and to the vault door.

Next, throw a molotov or thermite at the holes above the vault door to reveal a pattern on the door. Finally, light the corresponding torches on the wall to open the vault!

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to open the vault:

  1. Head to the throne room of the Keep POI
    • This is on the north side of the Keep
Warzone Fortune's Keep Throne Room Map Location
  1. Light the two torches on either side of the throne
    • You can do this by walking up to them and pressing X (Xbox) or Square (PlayStation)
Light Torch Warzone Fortune's Keep Throne Room
  1. Next, crouch on top of the throne
    • This will open up a spiral staircase in the center of the floor in the throne room
Warzone Fortune's Keep Throne Room Hidden Stairs
  1. Head down the stairs and approach the vault door
  2. Throw a molotov or thermite at the holes above the vault door
    • If you don’t have any on you, you should be able to find some in the room
Warzone Fortune's Keep Vault Door Molotov
  • This will light up the diagram on the vault door, revealing which of the 8 torches around the room you need to light
Warzone Fortune's Keep Vault Door Puzzle
  1. Light the corresponding torches, and the vault door will open
    • You may need to throw more molotovs or thermites at the holes above the door to light the vault door diagram again
Warzone Fortune's Keep Vault Door Opening
  1. Once the vault door is open, head into the vault and claim your loot!
Warzone Fortune's Keep Vault Popup

While this Easter egg takes a little while to complete, opening the vault in Fortune’s Keep will give you all of the loot you need to win your Warzone match. Therefore, if you can spare the time, you should definitely do it!

What Loot is in the Fortune’s Keep Vault?

Inside the Fortune’s Keep vault, you will find loads of golden guns with 5 attachments and orange supply boxes containing plenty of loot.

There is plenty more loot on the floor of the vault, including ammo, armor plates, cash, and other handy items.

Warzone Fortune's Keep Secret Vault

Additionally, the first time you open the vault, you will unlock an exclusive large decal that you can equip to your guns.

The Genus Firmamentum decal features a yellow coat of arms with two dragons, one on each side of a shield.

Genus Firmamentum Large Decal Warzone

Good luck opening the vault in Fortune’s Keep – you’re bound to come across other Warzone players trying to complete this Easter egg!

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