To access the underground bunker on Ashika Island, players need to use an underwater pipe to find a secret cavern that leads them directly into the bunker in Warzone 2 Resurgence.

Below you can find a complete step-by-step guide to help guide your exactly where you need to be.

  • Head into the underground submarine base on Ashika Island. The base is underneath Tsuki Castle and is easily accessed using underground waterways around the island that lead below Ashika Island.
Port Ashika Entrance Warzone 2
Port Ashika is one of the main entrances to the underground waterways in Ashika Island. Move through these waterways underground until you reach the underground of Tsuki Castle.
  • Once inside the cave, head to the eastern wall. You should see a bunker door locked up by three iron bars near a parked submarine.
Submarine Location Warzone 2
Ashika Island Bunker Location
  • You won’t need a key or passcode to enter the bunker. The entrance is underwater.
  • In the location pictured below, an underwater pipe leads into a small cavern.
Warzone 2 Bunker Pipe
Left: Bunker door. Right: Underwater sewer pipe into the cavern.
  • Head into the cavern and use the platforms to reach the other side of this area.
Platforms Warzone 2
  • Once you reach the other side, you’ll see a small hole in the wall that leads into a well-lit-up room. That is the bunker.
Warzone 2 Hole in the Wall
  • Make your way into that room, and you are now inside the bunker. Inside are various legendary supply crates, cash, and other items to loot.
  • Once you’re done, loot, and head down the hallway towards the closed door. The bunker door will open on its own when you’re near it.
    • Be careful when nearing this hallway because it can trigger the door, and any enemies on the other side will come rushing to see what the commotion is.
Bunker Door Open
Warzone 2 Rope

The bunker is accessible in both DMZ and Warzone 2. Although if you are thinking of heading here to DMZ, you’ll need to be prepared.

The underground submarine base is home to plenty of armored enemies and two juggernauts.

This isn’t the only secret in Ashika Island! There are more hidden easter eggs added with Warzone 2 Season 2 such as the Seal Statue.

Fastest Way to Reach Bunker in Ashika Island Warzone 2

The fastest way to reach the bunker on Ashika Island before another player is to land near the PWC in Port Ashika and use it to head straight into the underground waterway.

PWC Location

Head inside, take your first right, and you’ll be inside the underground submarine base. This is the fastest way to reach the bunker on Ashika Island.

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