To recover a Combat Cache in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2, you must interact with it and wait for it to open before you obtain your loot.

The Combat Cache spawns during the third Storm Circle and will appear as a Legendary Combat Cache. But the longer you take to arrive at the Cache, the lower the rarity will drop.

  • Approach the Combat Cache and hold Square / X / E to “Recover Cache”
Combat Cache in Fortnite
  • A meter will appear above the Combat Cache and on your HUD. This shows how long the Cache will take to open.
Combat Cache HUD Icon in Fortnite
  • Wait for the meter to fill up.
    • No exact time is given, but we estimate it is around one minute.
  • Fight off enemy players approaching your area in search of the Combat Cache.
  • Once the meter is full, you’ll receive high-level loot.

Before you interact with the Combat Cache, you can see what rewards you’ll get by the rarity of the cache. The rarity is displayed under the name of the cache and shown by the color of the light at the top.

It initially drops as a Legendary Combat Cache but can lower its rarity to a Rare Combat Cache if it isn’t opened in time.

There are three different rarities of Combat Caches: Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

  • Rare (Blue) Combat Caches will drop blue weapons and some medical gear.
  • Epic (Purple) Combat Caches will drop plenty of purple gear and weapons.
  • Legendary (Orange) Combat Caches will drop the absolute best gear and weapons in Fortnite.

It’s a great way to get high-level loot early in a match, but it can also be risky. Enemy players can see the light from your Combat Cache, so be prepared for a fight or two.

If you’d prefer to take a more stealthy approach to find loot, you may want to visit the Floating Loot Island in Fortnite.

Combat Cache Light in Fortnite

If you feel that you might need to make a quick getaway after obtaining the loot, you can always use the Rogue Bike or Nitro Drifter to make a speedy escape.

Where to Find Combat Cache in Fortnite

The Combat Cache will spawn at random locations on the Fortnite island via a rift during the third Storm Circle.

Players get a notification on their screen when one spawns, and it will automatically ping a marker on their map.

This marker, shown below, indicates the direction and distance from your current location to the Combat Cache in Fortnite.

Combat Cache Map Markers Fortnite Chapter 4
Left: Combat Cache Ping In-Game
Right: Combat Cache Icon on Map

It’s best to head to a Combat Cache as soon as it spawns so that you can obtain Legendary loot drops from it. If you wait too long, the rarity of the items you receive will worsen.

What Is a Combat Cache in Fortnite?

A Combat Cache is a sealed container that Fortnite players can find mid-game and unlock for incredible loot. The faster the Combat Cache is found, the greater rarity of loot it will contain.

To unlock the container, players must interact with it to ‘Recover Cache’ and then wait a minute for it to open.

This delay means that other players could easily discover your Cache and take it for themselves. Make sure not to lose your new loot haul!

It’s possible that later in the season, these Caches could be one of the ways to find the Three-Dimensional Maneuver Gear from Attack on Titan!