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The 3 Methods to Get FIFA 23 Early Access

FIFA 23’s release is right around the corner, but some players will be able to get a head start on their FUT Squad with Early Access.

Being able to jump into FIFA 23 early allows players to learn the new FUT systems before other players! This means they’ll be able to get an idea of the current market and players worth investing in.

Here’s how you can obtain early access for yourself!

FIFA 23 Early Access

How To Get FIFA 23 Early Access

There are 3 methods to get early access to FIFA 23; you’ll need to:

  1. Pre-order the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition (Unlimited Early Access)
    • Anybody who pre-orders the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition will be able to play FIFA 23 on September 27, 2022.
    • Note – Pre-ordering the Standard Edition will not give you any Early Access.
  2. Subscribe to EA Play Membership (10 Hour Gameplay Trial)
    • Any EA Play subscriber can access FIFA 23 on September 27, 2022. This is limited to a 10-hour trial regardless of whether you’ve pre-ordered the standard edition or not.
  3. Subscribe to EA Pro Play PC Only (Unlimited Early Access)
    • This is a more expensive option ($99.99 / £89.99 per year) but provides lasting benefits for the length of the subscription.

Check out our official FIFA 23 Release Date Countdown to see when Early Access begins in your specific time zone.

These are the only ways to get Early Access to FIFA 23.

If you’re looking to get a boost for your FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, then you might want to look into signing up for EA Pro Play.

It’s only available on PC, but it gives you Early Access to FIFA 23 and a lot of bonus items to use in FUT. These will be incredibly helpful as you learn to adapt to the new chemistry system in FIFA 23.

If you’re on console, then the Ultimate Edition might be your best bet since it gives you Early Access and Dual Entitlement for your console family.

Will There Be a FIFA 23 Demo?

Unfortunately, it does not appear that there will be a FIFA 23 Demo this year. This is likely due to the existence of game trials on EA Play.

Any EA Play subscriber can use a 10-hour trial period on any EA title. This means that FIFA 23 and any future EA Sports FC, the future title of FIFA, will have a trial period available to EA Play subscribers.

Is FIFA 23 on EA Play?

Yes, FIFA 23 will have a 10-hour trial period for EA Play subscribers. This means that any EA Play user will get 10 hours to test out the different FIFA 23 modes before having to purchase it themselves.

Once the trial is over, subscribers can purchase FIFA 23 for 10% off the total price.

EA Pro Play subscribers will have unlimited access to FIFA 23.

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