For years, gamers have been wanting to mute the annoying beep sound that triggers when booting up or shutting down your PS5 console.

Now, they have finally got their wish, as you will be able to mute that dreaded noise and game without letting others around you know you are playing.

If you do not know how to mute the PS5 beep, you are in the right place, so let’s dive into how to turn this sound off.

How to Mute Beep Sound When Turning on PS5

To mute the PS5 beep sound, you must:

  1. On the PS5 main menu, head to Settings, shown by the gear icon in the top right.
  2. Scroll down to “System.”
  3. In “System,” select the option “Beep Sound.”
  4. Toggle “Mute Beep Sound to on.
Mute PS5 Beep sound setting

You also have the choice of setting the volume to High, Medium, or Low if you’d rather leave the sound on.

By doing so, you can control the intensity of the beep sound that accompanies both powering on and shutting down your console.

It’s worth noting that powering off your PS5 through the menu does not produce any beeping noise. The beep only occurs when you press the physical off button on the console.

Adjusting the volume settings will affect the beep that occurs when the console is shut down incorrectly but muting it will not work.

PS5 and Controllers

If you power down your PS5 using any method other than the designated off button or the “Power” options in the menu, you will hear a rapid triple beep upon starting up the console again.

The beep serves as a notification indicating that the console was shut down incorrectly. Additionally, a warning will display on the screen with the beep.

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