Moving your keeper in FIFA 23 is a great way to prevent conceding a goal!

The Goalkeeper is the only position you do not have full control over in FIFA 23. However, you can still influence his position by moving him!

It can be a useful mechanic in catching your opponent by surprise and to keep more clean sheets.

Here’s everything you need to know about moving the Keeper in FIFA 23!

How To Move Goalkeeper in FIFA 23

To move your Goalkeeper in FIFA 23 you need to:

  • Not have possession of the ball
  • Press in R3/RS
  • While pressing in R3/RS, move the right analog stick in the direction you want to move the keeper

When To Move Your Keeper in FIFA 23

There are a few situations in FIFA 23 when moving your Goalkeeper can be really beneficial to you!

Here’s the best times to move your Keeper.

During Corner Kicks

One of the best times to move your Goalkeeper is during corner kicks!

Positioning your keeper off their line and in the centre of the six-yard box can help increase the chances of them catching the ball.

Move Keeper for Corner FIFA 23

It is also a great counter to the new overpowered corner tactic discovered in FIFA 23 but you will also need to be wary of players scoring directly from corners!

You can read more about these corner tactics in our FIFA 23 corners guide!

In 1v1 Situations

Moving your Goalkeeper in 1v1 situations is all about instincts. This is a skill you will develop the more you play.

As you play FIFA 23, you will start learning the shooting situations and where the most likely place the shot will be placed!

You will be able to catch your opponent off guard by predicting where his shot will be aimed and moving your keeper to narrow the opening of that side of the goal.

Moving the Keeper for a shot in FIFA 23

During Power Shots

Since Power Shots have a longer load up time than regular shots, you can take the extra time in predicting where your opponent will aim his shot.

These are extremely powerful shots and moving your keeper into a better position can reduce the chances of the ball going into your net.

Moving the Keeper for a powershot in FIFA 23

Just like 1v1 situations, instincts will play a large role in the success of moving your keeper during Power shots!

Moving your keeper does however come at a risk. If a player predicts you’ll be moving your keeper, it may leave an easy opening for a simple goal if you move in the wrong direction.

If you want to score power shots yourself, check out our full guide on FIFA 23’s new power shot mechanic!

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