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How To Move Warzone Loadout Drops Using This New Glitch

Players can move Warzone Loadout Drops using this strange new glitch.

Just when players thought all of the Warzone glitches had been fixed, another one appears. Players have now worked out how to move Warzone Loadout Drops using a weird glitch.

While new bugs are being discovered every day, the most frustrating ones are now gone. A huge new Warzone patch has fixed a number of glitches as well as nerfed the game’s most overpowered weapons.

How To Move Loadout Drops

Players can move any Loaodut Drop in the game with this simple glitch. All they have to do is place an armor or munitions box inside the Loadout Drop and it starts to move.

Once the box is in the Loadout Drop, it will begin to slowly move. Players can’t control where it goes, but it still a fun glitch.


However, a quick-thinking player got out of a tricky situation using this glitch. This allowed him to turn a Loadout Drop into moving cover.

Warzone player Nasty Nate took cover from enemy fire behind a loadout drop. Completely trapped, he then placed down an armor box to get the Loadout Drop to move.

This essentially made the drop into a piece of indestructible moving cover. Using the moving Loadout Drop, Nate managed to wipe a squad of two players by himself.

Raven will most likely fix this glitch soon, but more now, players can have some fun making Loadouts Drops move around.


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