There’s an easy trick that lets you mine resources much faster in Starfield – and it’ll save you loads of time!

Whether you need resources for weapon mods, to build your outposts, or even to complete a quest, you’ll likely be spending a while mining in Starfield. Unfortunately, this can be a pretty long and arduous task.

However, there is a great trick which lets you mine much quicker in Starfield, and all you need to do is hold down an additional button while you’re mining with your Cutter!

Mining Nickel in Starfield

How to Mine Faster in Starfield

To mine faster in Starfield, you need to hold the ADS button in addition to the fire button. Holding both of these buttons at the same time will focus your Cutter’s laser and let you mine much more quickly.

The button inputs are:

  • Xbox: RT + LT
  • PC: Left Click + Right Click

As you hold down LT or Left Click with your Cutter out, you will see three lines on the edge of the reticle move toward the center of the aiming reticle where you are shooting. This shows how much power your Cutter has and how fast you’ll mine in Starfield.

Starfield Faster Mining Reticle
The least powerful and slowest mining (left) to the most powerful and fastest mining (right)

The closer these lines are to the aiming reticle, the faster you’ll mine. You’ll mine the fastest once these lines join the reticle and become a full hexagon.

The only downside to this trick is that it causes your Cutter to deplete energy much more quickly. However, it is certainly a worthwhile tradeoff to mine faster in Starfield!

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