Pokemon GO players can finally Mega Evolve their Rayquaza, but the Mega Evolution method is slightly different to usual!

If you want to Mega Evolve your Rayquaza, you’ll need an ultra-rare Item as well as Mega Energy. We’ve got the whole Mega Evolution process as well as how to get everything you need to do it below.

How to Get Mega Rayquaza in Pokemon GO

The only way to get Mega Rayquaza in Pokemon GO is by Mega Evolving a Rayquaza. While the Rayquaza Mega Evolution requires Mega Energy, the process differs slightly to other Mega Evolutions.

This is because you can only Mega Evolve a Rayquaza that knows the charged attack Dragon Ascent, an attack learned by using a Meteorite on it.

Mega Rayquaza Pokemon GO Announcement

How to Mega Evolve Rayquaza

To Mega Evolve Rayquaza into Mega Rayquaza in Pokemon GO, you must first use a Meteorite on Rayquaza to teach it the charged attack Dragon Ascent. This can be done by pressing the Dragon Ascent button below Rayquaza’s attacks.

Then, you need to collect 400 Rayquaza Mega Energy before you can press the Mega Evolve button!

If you don’t have a Meteorite or enough Rayquaza Mega Energy to evolve your Rayquaza just yet, don’t worry. Below, you can find how to get both of these rare resources!

Mega Rayquaza Mega Pokedex Pokemon GO

How to Get a Meteorite in Pokemon GO

Every Pokemon GO player can earn a Meteorite from the Super Sky High Special Research, which is available to claim for free on August 27, 2023.

GO Fest: Global ticket holders can also earn a second Meteorite through the extended Super Sky High Special Research.

A Meteorite can also drop as a bonus reward for completing Rayquaza Raids, though the chances of obtaining one this way are very low.

Use Meteorite Pokemon GO

How to Get Rayquaza Mega Energy

To get Rayquaza Mega Energy in Pokemon GO, you must win a Mega Rayquaza Raid. This will give you 80-100 Rayquaza Mega Energy, meaning you’ll likely have to beat it five times to earn enough.

2023 GO Fest: Global ticket holders can also earn 400 Rayquaza Mega Energy by completing up to step 4 of the Super Sky High Special Research!

Additionally, during 2023 GO Fest: Global, players can earn 10 Rayquaza Mega Energy from the exclusive Field Research Task Mega Evolve a Pokemon.

Pokemon GO Mega Rayquaza Release Date Announced

Once you have Mega Evolved Rayquaza in Pokemon GO, you can increase its Mega Level just as you would any other Mega Pokemon.

Additionally, you’ll be able to Mega Evolve it again for no cost, or a small amount of Mega Energy if you can’t wait until the end of the cooldown timer.

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