Pokemon Legends Arceus encourages players to mass release repeated mons’, but this process can get overwhelming if you do not know the correct method.

Game Freak took gamers’ advice and transformed the Pokemon franchise for good. Pokemon Sword and Shield received plenty of negative reviews due to the lack of freedom in the Wild Areas.

This situation is entirely different now in Pokemon Legends Arceus. The game still utilizes a turned-based battle system, but it mixes with plenty of action-adventure mechanics.

Fans and critics have received these changes positively. As a result, recent sales data confirmed Pokemon Legends Arceus is the second best-selling game on Nintendo Switch.

Although, some mechanics require some practice and discovery. One of these new mechanics is mass releasing your Pokemon!

Pokemon Legends Arceus Mass Release Rewards

Where Can You Mass Release Pokemon in Legends Arceus

You can mass release your Pokemon in Legends Arceus by speaking with Marie at Village Pastures in Jubilife Village or with the Galaxy Team member present at each camp.

These are the steps you should follow to mass release Pokemon in Legends Arceus:

  • *Talk to Marie at Village Pastures in Jubilife Village or with the Galaxy Team at each camp
  • If you talk to the Galaxy Team member, select the option “I want to see my Pokemon,” there is no need of this step with Marie
  • Once you are in the Pasture menu and see all your Pokemon, press X
  • Use A to select all the Pokemon you want to release, you will see a yellow checkmark indicating you have selected a Pokemon
  • Once you are done selecting, press X again and select “Yes” with A

*If the option to mass release Pokemon is not available for you yet, make sure to speak to Marie first and release a single Pokemon. Additionally, some players have reported this option unlocked for them after having four full pasture boxes.

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Pokemon Legends Arceus Mass Release

Needless to say, Pokemon Legends Arceus is a phenomenon among the community.

But, some players do have some criticisms. Some gamers have openly criticized Pokemon Legends Arceus graphics.

As well, some fans have stated the inclusion of Alpha Pokemon diminishes the impact of evolution in the game.

Even with some feedback, gamers worldwide are undoubtedly enjoying this Pokemon entry.

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