The Fortnite weekly challenges are a great way to earn a ton of XP, and the “mark enemy players or characters” quest offers 24,000 experience.

Marking players will highlight them for you and your team, meaning you will still know where they are if they try to run and hide.

This challenge is simple, but players could get mixed up between pinging and marking, two separate in-game functions. Here is how to mark players in Fortnite:

How to Mark Enemy Players or Characters

There are two ways you can mark enemy players or characters in Fortnite:

These are the only ways to mark players in Fortnite. Simply pinging an enemy will not count marking them.

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Mark Players Using the Bloodhound Augment

The Bloodhound Augment is the best way to mark players in Fortnite. In-game, you will have the chance to receive a variety of reality augments that offer in-game benefits.

You will use this augment to mark any enemy players you hit with a Marksman Rifle. The Marksman Rifle in Fortnite is the Cobra DMR which can be found randomly in chests or ground loot.

This method is an excellent way to mark enemies. Of course, it will entirely depend on if you receive the Bloodhound augment.

Mark enemies using Bloodhound in Fortnite

Mark Players Using Capture Points

You can mark enemy players or characters by completing a capture point in a point of interest. When you claim this capture point, all nearby AI or real players’ locations will become visible.

Capture points can be found in every POI and are visible by a flag and circle outline. They take 40 seconds to capture.

Mark enemies using capture points in fortnite

Using this way to mark players offers many other in-game benefits that can help you win the match.

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