Fans are eagerly jumping into the first season of Chapter 4 to make snowballs in Fortnite.

Discover new ways to have a good time with the new snowy mountainous regions of Brutal Bastion and Lonely Labs, by making snowballs in Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 1.

Chapter 4 of Fortnite ups the ante of previous seasons with, of course, a new map, vehicles, a new graphics engine, crazy new weapons, and more.

Regardless of how you spend most of your time in the season of Fortnite, don’t skip out on the winter fun and make a snowball.

How to Hide Inside a Snowball in Fortnite

To hide inside of snowballs in Fortnite, you need to interact with it (Square on PlayStation/X on Xbox/Y on Nintendo Switch, and E on PC) once it has reached a large enough size.

Once inside, you can guide the snowball by hitting or pushing it; you can not control it directly with movement buttons or sticks.

As it moves, it will pick up more snow and grow. If it has enough momentum, either by you hitting it or by rolling down declines, it can deal damage and destroy destructible pieces of the environment.

Rolling in a Snowball toward a clocktower in Fortnite

Where To Make a Snowball in Fortnite

You can only make Snowballs in Fortnite in the snowy areas in the northeastern portions of the map.

Snowballs can be made anywhere where there’s snow on the ground but drop near Brutal Bastion or Lonely Labs if you want to jump straight into a hotter combat location after messing with the new mechanic.

Fortnite Chapter 4 season 1 snowy area circled

But to take it easy, head straight north, and you can mess around with snowballs without as much worry of being shot at.

How To Make a Giant Snowball in Fortnite

To make a snowball in the new season of Fortnite, aim at the ground in a snowy area and hack away with your pickaxe. The longer you pick away at the snow at it, the larger the ball gets.

However, there is a maximum size that the snowball can reach before it cannot grow any larger.

  • As long as there is snow on the ground, you can make a snowball.
  • Use the melee/fire button on your platform of choice to start making a ball (PC: “Left Mouse Button,” Playstation: “R2,” Xbox: “RT,” Mobile Tap on the left side of the screen, or Nintendo Switch: “ZR.”).
  • Hit the ground until the ball prompts you to jump in or until it reaches its maximum hitpoints (1200).
Making a Snowball in Fortnite.

How To Use a Snowball in Fortnite

  • You can jump inside a snowball, in a well-hidden location for a surprise attack, or even as means of evasion.
  • Given the potential damage of a snowball hurtling down a hill, it is great to reach your enemies and quickly do some easy damage.
  • Also, you can destroy enemy structures to flush them out by rolling into them or even just sending snowballs down a hill.
Hitting a Snowball in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

However you decide to use this interesting new mechanic, we expect to see trick shots and hilarious kills, along with plenty of novelty fun involving this rolling mound of snow.

But of course, snowballs aren’t the only ways to get around the new map with the newly implemented Trail Thrasher Dirt Bikes. Or, while you are near Brutal Bastion, stop by to capture the Point of Interest for helpful rewards.