Triggering player runs in FIFA 23 can be a great way to create more attacking options on the pitch. But how can you activate creative runs?

Setting up attacks can be difficult in FIFA 23, and more times than not players will remain static and not run behind the defense.

On other occasions, there will be no options to pass to and players may not come short to collect the ball. However, there are ways to manually activate these in FIFA 23 games!

Sam Kerr running in FIFA 23

How To Trigger Runs in FIFA 23

In FIFA 23, there are three types of runs that you can trigger to create more chances on the pitch. Here are the three methods:

Using these methods, you will be able to get your players moving without having to rely on AI to generate an attacking run.

How To Send a Player on a Run in FIFA 23

Sending a player on a run is pretty simple and using it can be effective. Press L1/LB while looking at the player you want to make a creative run and they will start running towards the goal.

You will know you have successfully sent him on a run when he starts running and pointing to the area he is sprinting towards.

How to make a player run FIFA 23
Player pointing to space he is running into

Combining this feature with the FIFA 23 meta through ball will create a ton of chances and you are sure to score a ton of goals!

And even if you do not like the position the player has run into, the creative run will also open space for you to make other passes and create a goal-scoring opportunity.

How To Call a Player Short in FIFA 23

Instead of getting a player to run away from you, there is also a way to make them come closer. Press R1/RB while looking at the player you want to come short.

You will know this has been successfully triggered when the player points to where he will run and starts moving away from the goal.

This is helpful for recycling the ball and building up chances again if you are struggling to break down a defense.

Make player run short FIFA 23

How To Use Player Locking in FIFA 23

Player locking is a feature where you can control a player who does not have the ball while you still have possession.

This allows you to make runs behind defenses or come short except you can manually trigger these yourself. To player lock simply press both analog sticks and pass the ball.

Once you pass the ball, you will remain in control of that player allowing you to run into space. To receive the ball back, press the pass (X/A) or through ball (△/Y) button.

As you can see in the image below, the FIFA 23 user is not controlling the player with the ball but is using the attacker to make a run behind the defense.

FIFA 23 player lock

Using these tips, you will be sure to win more games! But to further improve your FIFA 23 gameplay, check out these tactics for the best narrow formation in FUT.

And if you haven’t seen, EA Sports FC 24 is set to use the same engine as the last few FIFA video games according to leaks!

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