Here is how you can change your player’s AcceleRATE style in FIFA 23 to give them a faster sprint in the long run.

FIFA 23 uses HyperMotion 2 Technology to offer gamers a completely new football experience. This new approach to FIFA has introduced many new features that improve the overall feel of the game.

Gamers have noticed that the way players accelerate has improved greatly thanks to this. Here we’ll show you how to make your players accelerate just like Haaland from Manchester City.

Accelerate FIFA 23

How to Change Players Accelerate Type in FIFA 23

How to Easily Make Players Lengthy in FIFA 23

To change players’ Accelerate Type in FIFA 23, you need to apply an Architect Chemistry Style card to alter the stats of your players.

  • If you don’t have an Architect Chemistry Style card, follow these steps:
    • Head to the FIFA 23 Transfer Market
    • Press R1/RB to change the tab to “Consumables.”
    • Select “Consumable Type” and choose the “Player Chemistry Style” option
    • From here, choose the “Chemistry Style” filter
    • Scroll down to the third row, and select the third option “Architect”
    • Begin the search and bid on any of the Architect Chemistry Style cards until you manage to buy one
Chemsitry Style Architect
  • Once you have an Architect Chemistry Style card, head to the “Squad” tab and highlight the player, you wish to apply this to
    • Press the square button or X to bring up the different Actions for the player.
    • Select the option titled “Apply Consumable.”
    • From here, scroll to the “Midfield” tab and you will see the Architect Chemistry Style there. Select X/A to apply it to your player
Apply Consumable FIFA 23

Twitter user, Nofli Khan, discovered that the reason that Haaland is the absolute meta right now is most likely because of the acceleration a player of his stature gets with the Lengthy trait.

But not every player will be able to benefit from this. Make sure to check out our guide for the best meta players to make lengthy for each position to ensure you’re using the right Chemistry Style on a player worth your time.

FIFA 23 Acceleration Types

There are 3 acceleration types in FIFA 23:

Lengthy Requirements
Strength has to be greater than or equal to 65.
The Strength stat needs to be 14 points greater than the Agility stat.
Acceleration has to be greater than or equal to 55.
Height of the player has to be greater than or equal to 174 cm (~ 5’9”)
Example Player: Virgil Van Dijk
These players take a bit to get going but will be faster across longer distances.
Explosive Requirements
Agility has to be greater than or equal to 65.
Agility has to be greater than Strength by at least 14 stat points.
Acceleration has to be greater than or equal to 74.
Height has to be less than or equal to 180 cm (~ 5’11”).
Example Players: Vinicius Jr, Ousmane Dembélé
Players with his kind of acceleration are quick to start, but as they sprint, their acceleration will slow down.
Controlled Requirements
Any player that does not fall into any of the top two categories will be placed in Controlled.

Most players in FIFA 23 are a Controlled acceleRATE Type due to accelerating in a controller manner in most instances.

Any forward with great shooting but a slower pace will benefit greatly from a Lengthy Accelerate Type. Players like this can tear down anyone using the meta 5-1-2-2 formation.

This is important if you’re looking to build one of the best FIFA 23 Ultimate Teams.

What Are The Differences Between Explosive, Lengthy, & Controlled

Explosive acceleRATE Pros

  • Best for a burst of speed to beat defenders and get to the ball quickly.
  • It suits shorter and more agile players that tend to slip through the opponent’s defense for 1 vs. 1 against the goalkeepers.
  • Players will be quick to reach their max acceleration but will slow down more quickly over time.
  • Explosive acceleRATE type allows strikers and attacking midfielders to reach a ball before others which gives them more time to think about their next move.

Lengthy acceleRATE Pros

  • This is best for taller and more physical players that usually cover my distance while fighting off defenders.
  • Players with the Lengthy acceleRATE type will reach top speed more slowly than explosive players, but they will maintain the peak for longer lengths of time.
  • This works well with players with long strides like Haaland and Cristiano Ronaldo.
  • Best for situations where you need to get the ball to your striker but need to cover long distances while defenders bring the pressure.
  • This acceleRATE type currently governs the meta, and any player that can be made in Lengthy has an increased advantage over other players.

Controlled acceleRATE Pros

Players will also benefit greatly from their stats when they have all three Chemistry Points. Check out our guide on Chemistry Points to ensure you’re making the most out of each player.