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How to Make Money Fast in Splatoon 3 – Ultimate Guide

You’ll need a lot of money to make your character stylish. Here are the best ways to make money (or Cash) fast in Splatoon 3!

Cash is an essential commodity in Splatsville, with many Inklings and Octolings needing it for new gear. However, coming by Cash can be fairly difficult.

Fortunately for you, we’ve found the best ways to earn money fast in Splatoon 3, so you just need to follow our methods and, hopefully, get rich quickly!

Best Ways to Earn Cash Quickly in Splatoon 3

Here are the best ways to earn money fast in Splatoon 3:

  • Using Food Tickets to multiply your Cash earnings
  • Getting high scores in Turf War
  • Winning Anarchy Battles
  • Playing Salmon Run every few days

We’ll go into more detail below about each of these methods, including which food tickets to use as well as what weapons for high painting in Turf War.

Using Food Tickets

We recommend using any of these food tickets to enhance the Cash you receive from battles in Splatoon 3:

  • Crab Trap Sandwich
    • Using this food ticket will net you an added 50% battle cash earned.
  • Commercial Crab Trap Sandwich
    • Eating this food will double all of your battle Cash earned.
  • Mega Mountain a la Marigold
    • This last food dish will double the battle Cash for your entire team.
How to Use Food & Drink Tickets in Splatoon 3

If you’re planning to use any of the methods below, exchanging some of these tickets will make the process much faster.

However, if you’re lacking the tickets, find out how to get food tickets in Splatoon 3, and start earning Cash extremely fast.

Get High Points in Turf War

Getting a high amount of points in Turf War, whether you win or lose, will increase the Cash you have in your bank fast.

To get higher points, you simply need to focus on painting Turf. In the top right during a match, you’ll see how many points you currently have.

various inklings from Splatoon 3 lined up with their weapons

While any weapon will do so long as you’re good enough, these are the best weapons for painting turf in Splatoon 3!

Staying alive, however, is equally important. If you can’t get on with the weapons we recommend, here are the best weapons overall in Splatoon 3.

Win Anarchy Battles

While losing Anarchy Battles in Splatoon 3 will net you some money, it’s definitely better to win them.

You won’t get as much for a loss, but winning Anarchy Battles means you could get over double the Cash compared to Turf War battles.

Rainmaker Game Mode in Splatoon 3

We recommend taking the chance to use the best abilities in Splatoon 3 to help you win these matches. They’re more competitive than standard Turf War matches.

Play Salmon Run Every Few Days

Players can earn money from yellow capsule rewards in Splatoon 3, with rare Yellow Capsules awarding significantly more Cash.

Players can earn these capsules, alongside other rewards for every 100 points in Salmon Run, maxing out at a soft cap of 1200 points. You’ll get rewards for every further 200 points, but this isn’t worth it.

Every two days, the soft cap will reset, meaning you’ll be able to get rewards for every 100 points until you reach the soft cap again.

Salmon Run entrance in Splatoon 3

These are all of the best ways to earn money fast in Splatoon 3! Once you’ve earned plenty of Cash in Splatoon 3, we recommend picking up some exclusive gear for Splatoon 3 via the SplatNet store.

You might even have more money than you really need, which means you should customize your locker in Splatoon 3 so you can stand out!

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