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How to Make a Custom Xbox Controller With Xbox Design Lab

Xbox’s Design Lab is back, allowing fans to make a custom controller and personalize every aspect of their gamepad.

Have you been seeing countless amazing custom Xbox controllers online and want in on the fun yourself? Here’s how to use Xbox Design Lab to customize a beautiful controller of your own!

Lately, we’ve noticed hundreds of custom Xbox controllers begin to pop up online. If you’ve been wondering where they’re all coming from, the answer is Xbox Design Lab.

xbox custom controller banjo kazooie
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Microsoft’s new website allows players to make a brand-new controller and customize it until it’s completely unique. And with every part of the Xbox Wireless Controller being adjustable, it’s certainly leading to some unique designs.

Although the Xbox controller isn’t as next-gen as the PS5’s DualSense, it can certainly look better!

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Xbox Design Lab Guide

Looking to get started with Xbox Design Lab? Here’s a guide to help you create your own custom Xbox controller for Xbox One or Series X/S consoles.

If you want to get started making a beautiful custom controller of your very own, we can help you there.

Whether you want a Halo-themed controller after watching the incredible new Halo Infinite gameplay trailer, or a gamepad to match your home color scheme, you’re in luck!

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How to Make a Custom Xbox Controller – Xbox Design Lab

  • To get started, simply head over to Xbox Design Lab‘s official website.
  • Select ‘Design Yours’ and you’ll be presented with an all-white Xbox controller.
  • From here, you can select colors for the controller’s Body, Back, Bumpers, Triggers, D-Pad, and Thumbsticks. Have fun making your Xbox controller as bright and unique as you like!
  • Next, you can select from an array of options for the ABXY buttons, as well as the View, Menu, & Share buttons.
  • Then, there’s even an option to engrave your controller with up to 16 characters for an additional $9.99 fee.
  • Once you’re all done, hit Add to Cart!
Xbox Design Lab Custom Controller Colors
(Source: Xbox)

A custom Xbox Design Lab Wireless Controller will set you back around $69.99. Considering what controllers tend to go for these days, that’s not a bad deal for a unique design.

After all, Sony just released 2 new DualSense controller variants which retail for a similar price. And those aren’t even customizable!

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You can use your new Xbox controllers on Xbox One consoles or on PC, if you’re yet to get hold a next-gen Series X/S. But if you’re still on the hunt, you won’t be for long, as Xbox Series X/S devices are arriving on store shelves at last!

And if you’re a fan of gaming in general but not an Xbox owner just yet, you may want to consider picking one up. After all, just look at everything coming to Xbox Game Pass in 2021 and beyond!

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