Here’s how you can make curveball throws in Pokemon GO so you can complete Research Tasks and increase your chances of catching Pokemon!

Pokemon GO is all about catching ’em all so you’ll be throwing plenty of Poke Balls while you play the game.

In addition to your standard swipe to throw Poke Balls, there is a more difficult technique called curveball throws.

Here’s everything you need to know about curveball throws in Pokemon GO as well as an explanation on how you can do them!

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What Are Curveball Throws in Pokemon GO?

Curveball throws are a special type of throw that require spinning the Poke Ball before you release it.

Learning how to do curveball throws can be tough but it is a skill that every player should know. This is because curveballs are common tasks for Research and they also provide a bonus for catching Pokemon.

Why Should You Throw Curveballs?

There are two main reasons why you would make curveball throws. These are:

  • Increased Catch Rate
  • To complete a Research Task which requires you to make curveball throws

Additionally, curveball throws give Pokemon trainers 10 XP extra when catching Pokemon. However, an XP bonus this small is hardly noticeable.

You can also use Berries to increase catch rate in Pokemon GO. The catch rate bonuses from curveball throws and berries stack, meaning that using both together will greatly boost your chances of catching Pokemon!

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Increased Catch Rate With Curveball Throws

Throwing a successful curveball at a Pokemon will give you a 1.7x catch rate. This means that you are 1.7x as likely to catch the Pokemon.

This multiplied catch rate is especially important when trying to catch rare and Legendary Pokemon as they have a low catch rate.

Some Pokemon like Galarian Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno have such a low catch rate that you’ll almost certainly need to use a curveball throw if you want to catch them.

The Best Way to Make Curveball Throws in Pokemon GO

  • Press down on a Poke Ball to hold it
  • Move the Poke Ball to the bottom left or right corner of your screen
  • Spin the Poke Ball around in a circle
    • Spin it clockwise if the Poke Ball is in the bottom left corner
    • Spin it anticlockwise if the Poke Ball is in the bottom right corner
  • Throw the Poke Ball in a straight line down the side of your phone and release it when you are level with the Pokemon
    • The curve will take it toward the Pokemon you want to catch

It will require some practice to get this technique right, but it is a great skill for any Pokemon trainer to know!

How To Throw a Curveball Pokemon GO
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