Key Points
Completion Time:
5 Minutes
Must Haves:
2 Fan Zonai Devices
1 Steering Stick Zonai Device

Traversing Hyrule in TOTK will not be a problem once you have built this simple Hover Bike. It is so effective that even the areas contaminated by gloom won’t be a problem!

With this bike, you can rapidly move from one place to another, evading threats like enemies or gloom on the floor. This is especially useful to swiftly explore The Depths without worrying about foes or bosses.

How to Make a Hover Bike in Tears of the Kingdom

To make the Hover Bike in TOTK, you only need to attach two Fans Zonai Devices to a Steering Stick. The build is very simple, but both fans must be appropriately angled 45 degrees from the floor.

This angle is ideal for easy control and maneuvering while using the Hover Bike. Additionally, it gives enough elevation without sacrificing mobility.

  1. Find two Fans and one Steering Stick Zonai Devices.
  2. From the Zonai Devices tab on the menu, take out all of the materials mentioned in the previous step.
  3. Use Ultrahand to set one fan on the floor vertically, with the back of the fan facing you.
Ultrahand Fan Hover Bike Build TOTK
  1. Now, take the Steering Stick, and align it so the handle faces you. Once it is aligned, press the down arrow on your D-Pad to angle it precisely at 45 degrees.
Steering Stick Hovering
  1. Proceed to carefully attach the Steering Stick to the top edge of the fan that you previously aligned on the floor. It should look like the one in the image below.
TOTK Hover Bike Built
  1. Grab the other fan, and align it so the back of the fan faces you.
Fan Alignment Hover Bike TOTK
  1. Attach the fan on the back end of the Steering stick. Make sure the blades of the fan are facing the same direction as the blades of the one you previously attached. The build should look exactly like the one in the image below.
    • Pro-Tip: You can save this build in Autobuild, so you don’t have to go through the whole process from scratch whenever you need a Hover Bike in TOTK.
    • The Depths Tip: If you plan to use the Hover Bike in The Depths, you can attach a Brightbloom Seed to the frontal part of the bike.
Best Hover Bike in Tears of the Kingdom
  1. Finally, to ride the Hover Bike in TOTK, you must get close to it and select “Control” by pressing the A button.
    • To go up in the Hover Bike, tilt the left joystick down. To go down, tilt the left joystick up.

Where to Find Fans & Steering Sticks – Hover Bike Materials TOTK

You can find Fans to make a Hover Bike in TOTK in the Device Dispenser near the Gutanbac Shrine in the Great Sky Island.

Steering Sticks can be found in the dispenser on the northern island of the North Hyrule Sky Archipelago.

Fans Location & Map

Fans are located in the Device Dispenser right in front of the Gutanbac Shrine.

Great Sky Island Fans Device Despenser TOTK

Steering Stick Location & Map

You can get Steering Sticks from the Device Dispenser on the northernmost island in the North Hyrule Sky Archipelago. This location is reachable by launching from the Typhlo Ruins Skyview Tower.

North Hyrule Sky Archipelago Device Dispenser Steering Stick Location and Map

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