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How to Level up Vanguard Weapons Fast in Warzone Pacific

If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to level up your weapons in Warzone, look no further, we’ve got you covered!

Most Warzone fans miss the early days of the game when it had Modern Warfare weapons only. With Vanguard’s launch last year, the battle royale added an array of new weapons to its arsenal.

While this presents exciting new loadout opportunities to the players and keeps the meta fresh, many Warzone players are finding it impossible to keep up with the guns meta.

However, if you’re keen on maxing out your weapon levels in Warzone, a few strategies go a long way towards lowering your time to get there.

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how to level up warzone vanguard weapons quick fast

Level up Weapons Fast With Plunder Weapon XP Trick

Vanguard weapons require 150,000 XP to reach Level 70, which is the maximum level possible. While leveling up your weapons is important to unlock the weapon’s attachments, knowing the best ways to do so is incredibly useful as well.

Here are the steps to level up your weapons as quick as possible in Warzone Pacific:

  1. Choose the “Surplus” perk for the gun you want to level up
  2. Use a double XP token
  3. Drop into Plunder
  4. Start fragging and get as many kills as possible
  5. Grab as many bounties or big games bounties as you can

Although the Rebirth Island contracts rush method to level up guns is equally good as the above process!

welgun max level 1 to 70 in 30 minutes warzone pacific

Special thanks to ‘ModernWarzone’ for sharing the above method. They were able to level up their Welgun from 1-70 in 44 minutes, as they timed it during their live stream.

Also, it only took them 91 kills in Plunder to achieve the same and they feel this method is better for the solo players. The Warzone veteran further shared that Airport is one of the best landing spots to quickly rack up kills.

Keep in mind that the Rebirth Island method is great for the guns that aren’t in meta and farming XP in Plunder is good for guns in the current meta. With that said, check out the best Welgun loadout in Warzone to start your XP hunt today!

Before jumping into Rebirth Island, make sure to equip yourself with the best meta weapon loadouts for Rebirth Island. The map is small but your guns need to have a big impact to get that elusive victory.

Earlier this week, the mid-season update went live in Warzone. Fans are already starting to wonder when does Warzone Pacific Season 2 go live.

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