If you are looking to level up fast in MW2, we have you covered!

To unlock every weapon, perk, and kill streak in MW2, you will need to reach Rank 55. Ranking up can be a slow grind, but knowing the quickest ways to level up can get you there faster!

These methods will also help rank up your prestige once they are released each season!

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How to Level Up Faster in MW2

You can level up fast in MW2 by using the following methods:

  • Playing the objective-based game modes that yield more experience
  • Using Double XP and Double Weapon XP Weekends and Rewards
  • Completing Challenges

Best Game Modes to Level Up Fast in MW2

The best game modes to level up fast are objective based, including:

  • Domination
  • Hardpoint
  • Kill Confirmed
  • Control

These modes grant XP for kills and also for completing the objectives, leading to faster leveling.

While these may be the best, they are not the only game modes in MW2 where you can earn lots of XP!

Using Double XP and Double Weapon XP to Level Up Fast in MW2

Taking advantage of Double XP is one of the best ways to level up! There are also quite a few methods to get Double XP in MW2.

Double XP Weekends

Throughout the game cycle of MW2, there will be plenty of Double XP weekends! Hopping onto the game during these periods will boost your level quicker!

Keep an eye out on Call of Duty’s social accounts to see if they announce a Double XP weekend!

MW2 Campaign Rewards

Completing MW2’s campaign will grant you Four Double XP and Five Double Weapon XP tokens. These tokens will boost the rate in which you earn XP meaning you will rank up quicker!

These tokens are granted in the following MW2 campaign missions:

  • Double XP
    • Wetwork – 30-Minute Token
    • Close Air – 30-Minute Token
    • El Sin Nombre – 1 Hour Token
    • Hindsight – 1 Hour Token
  • Double Weapon XP
    • Tradecraft – 30-Minute Token
    • Hardpoint – 30-Minute Token
    • Dark Water – 1 Hour Token
    • Ghost Team – 1 Hour Token
    • Completing the Campaign – 1 Hour Token
MW2 Campaign Rewards

Of course, there are a lot more rewards you can earn in MW2’s Campaign!

Mountain Dew MW2 Double XP Rewards

Another way to get Double XP rewards is through Mountain Dew’s and MW2’s collaboration. The following Mountain Dew products will provide you with Double XP:

  • 16 Oz MTN DEW Game Fuel – Grants 15 minutes of Dual 2XP
  • 20 Oz MTN DEW – Grants 30 minutes of Dual XP
  • 12 Pack – Grants 60 minutes of Dual 2XP and 75 CoD Points
  • 24 Pack – Grants 120 minutes of Dual 2XP and 150 CoD Points

You will also need to know how to redeem your Mountain Dew codes for MW2 Rewards!

MW2 and MTN DEW Collab for Double XP

Level Up Faster in MW2 by Completing Challenges

To level up faster, MW2 offers Daily and Career challenges. These challenges offer a ton of XP and will help you level up as quickly as possible.

These Daily Challenges are available in both Multiplayer and Spec Ops!

Daily Challenges in MW2 Multiplayer

Daily Challenges offers you thousands of XP every 24 hours. According to Call of Duty’s blog post on progression, there are three different sets of daily challenges in Multiplayer.

  • A general challenge that may not require much change in playstyle (e.g., win a match in any mode, get 15 kills while aiming down sights).
  • A weapon challenge that focuses on a specific weapon category (e.g., get 5 headshots with an SMG, get 5 Sniper Rifle kills)
  • A special challenge that encourages exploration with specific Loadout features, such as a Field Upgrade or Perk (e.g., get 2 kills using Dead Silence, get a Drill Charge kill).

Once you have completed these challenges you will also be offered a chance to complete a bonus challenge for XP!

The bonus challenge will give you two challenges you can complete but you will only need to complete one to unlock the bonus XP.

Daily Challenges in MW2 Spec Ops

Spec Ops Daily Challenges will offer you thousands of XP and it refreshes every 24 hours. There are three different sets of Spec Ops Daily Challenges.

  • The first Daily Challenge is generic, which means it can be completed in any mission (e.g., get 5 Melee kills).
  • The second and third Daily Challenges can be generic (e.g., use a Field Upgrade 3 times) or mission-specific (e.g., destroy 4 vehicles in Denied Area), or co-operative specific (related to Special Ops Kits, for example).

The Bonus Challenge for Spec Ops is split into two, where you have a choice between one of two Mission challenges.

Operators in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0

Career Challenges in MW2

Career Challenges are challenges with milestone steps, offering XP along the way to fully complete the challenge.

These challenges will include objectives you can complete naturally over time such as “Win X amount of Matches”. However, some may require you to switch up how you play by asking you to get kills with specific weapons.

Once you have used these tips, you may want to know how to unlock all the camos in MW2!

There are 180 camos in MW2 so you won’t be short of things to do once you reach max rank!

All Ranks, Unlocks & XP Needed in MW2

Here is every rank, unlock, and how much XP is needed to reach each rank!

The XP required is from Level 1 and not on a rank-to-rank basis!

RankUnlocksXP Required
1Challenges & Assault Default Class0
2Demolition Default Class3,000
3Sniper Default Class6,500
4Custom Loadouts10,500
5Portable Radar (Field Upgrade) & PDSW 528 (SMG)15,000
6Counter UAV (Killstreak)20,000
7Drill Charge (Equipment) & SP-R 208 (Marksman Rifle)25,500
8Fast Hands (Perk) & Trophy System (Field Upgrade)31,500
9Cluster Mine (Killstreak) & Expedite 12 (Shotgun)38,000
10Smoke Grenade (Equipment)45,000
11Bomb Squad (Perk)52,500
12Tactical Camera (Field Upgrade)60,500
13Care Package (Killstreak) & .50 GS (Handgun)69,000
14High Alert (Perk) & Strela-P (Launcher)78,000
15Stun Grenade (Equipment)87,500
16Munitions Box (Field Upgrade) & Lachmann-762 (Battle Rifle)97,500
17Molotov Cocktail (Equipment) & Combat Knife (Melee)108,000
18Bomb Drone (Killstreak) & Extra Tactical (Perk)119,000
19Decoy Grenade (Equipment) & TAQ-56 (Assault Rifle)130,500
20Semtex (Equipment) & Anti-Armor Rounds (Field Upgrade)142,500
21Overkill (Perk)155,000
22Precision Airstrike (Killstreak)168,000
23C4 (Equipment) & Kastov 762 (Assault Rifle)181,500
24Battle Rage (Field Upgrade) & JOKR (Launcher)195.500
25Claymore (Equipment) & RAAL MG (LMG)210,000
26Scavenger (Perk) & Sentry Gun (Killstreak)225,000
27Chopper Gunner (Killstreak)240,500
28Cold Blooded (Perk) & Lockwood MK2 (Marksman Rifle)256,500
29Stim (Equipment)273,000
30Smoke Airdrop (Field Upgrade)290,000
31Resupply (Perk) & X12 (Handgun)307,500
32Wheelson-HS (Killstreak) & RPG-7 (Launcher)325,600
33Tear Gas (Equipment)344,300
34Survivor (Perk)363,600
35VTOL Jet (Killstreak)383,500
36Thermite (Equipment) & Lockwood 300 (Shotgun)404,000
37Battle Hardened (Perk) & Riot Shield (Melee)425,100
38DDOS (Field Upgrade) & Fennec 45 (SMG)446,800
39Tracker (Perk) & Basilisk (Handgun)469,100
40Heartbeat Sensor (Equipment) & Overwatch Helo (Killstreak)492,000
41Spotter (Perk) & STB 556 (Assault Rifle)515,500
42Emergency Airdrop (Killstreak)539,700
43Tactical Insertion (Field Upgrade)564,600
44Quick Fix (Perk) & Signal 50 (Sniper Rifle)590,200
45Loadout Drop (Field Upgrade) & Field Upgrade Pro (Feature)616,500
46Snapshot Grenade (Equipment)643,500
47Birdseye (Perk)671,300
48Gunship (Killstreak)699,900
49Inflatable Decoy (Field Upgrade)729,300
50Focus (Perk)759,500
51Advanced UAV (Killstreak) & Dead Silence (Field Upgrade)790,500
52Ghost (Perk)822,400
53Stealth Bomber (Killstreak)855,300
54Throwing Knife (Equipment)889,200
55Juggernaut (Killstreak)924,100

Once Season 1 arrives and you are level 55, you will be able to prestige! Check out our guide so you know everything to know about prestige in MW2!

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