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How to KO Zapdos Faster in Pokemon Unite – Hidden Drednaw Trick

Pokemon Unite players have found a hidden method to make sure your team KOs Zapdos and secures the win!

Zapdos is an extremely powerful legendary Pokemon that can totally change the tide of battle in Pokemon Unite. KO-ing Zapdos not only gives your team 110 points to score, but it also leaves the opposition goals defenseless.

Therefore, it is always a huge scramble to see who can KO Zapdos first. However, there is one hidden trick that lets your team KO Zapdoes much faster than your opponents.

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Pokemon Unite Zapdos

Pokemon Unite Zapdos Extra Damage – Drednaw Trick

Pokemon Unite has many tricks hidden under the surface such as giving ‘bot games’ to players on losing streaks. There are even some accusations within the community that Pokemon Unite is pay to win.

Now, the latest trick hidden under the surface in Pokemon Unite has to do with the legendary wild Pokemon Zapdos.

Players on the Pokemon Unite subreddit have found that the team who kills the final Drednaw actually gets a damage reduction when fighting Zapdos. This explains why it seems so easy for the struggling team to steal Zapdos so often.

To be exact, the team that kills the final Drednaw does 55% less damage to Zapdos for 90 seconds. Therefore, you will always want to avoid killing the final Drednaw unless you have to.

Taking down Zapdos is also easier when you have the right Pokemon. These are two of the best Pokemon to use to stop the opposing team from KO-ing Zapdos:

Will you be using this trick to make sure you always get the Zapdos in Pokemon Unite? It could be very helpful in getting more wins and climbing the ladder in ranked.

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Deepak Pradhan

Tuesday 15th of February 2022

When you level up to 15 then you ko to zapdos easily