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How to Kill Juggernauts in Warzone – Fastest & Easiest Method

A new clip has revealed the best way to kill a Juggernaut quickly in Warzone, and it’s not what you expect!

The Juggernaut suit is probably the most powerful item you can pick up in Warzone. Luckily, it’s only obtainable from special weapon drops that parachute into Verdansk.

However, when a Juggernaut does appear in your Warzone game, it makes it so much harder to win. Luckily, we’ve got just the method that will help you kill Juggernauts in Warzone quickly and easily.

But first, find out why Warzone players want Juggernauts removed from the game.

Warzone Juggernaut

Best Way to Kill Juggernauts in Warzone

While Warzone Season 5 has been ruined by hackers and cheaters, many players are also still experiencing problems with Juggernauts in the game.

Now, Warzone player u/LordTexugo has shared a clip on the easiest way of taking down a Juggernaut in Verdansk. You’ll want to use this method too if you come across any of these huge armored suits.

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In order to kill a Juggernaut easily, you’ll need a Warzone weapon with FMJ. This is a perk that can only be equipped to Modern Warfare weapons which gives your bullets greater penetration through surfaces.

Even if JGOD says that nobody should be using Modern Warfare guns in Warzone, this Juggernaut strategy is an exception.

Then, you’ll want to use the map to live ping the location of the Juggernaut, essentially giving you wallhacks.

Finally, use your knowledge of the Juggernaut’s location to wall-bang them using your FMJ weapon. You’ll kill Juggernauts in Warzone in no time because they won’t be able to fire back at you if they can’t see you!

What’s more, this would be even easier if you use the totally overpowered Combat Scout Perk which gives you wallhacks.

Finally, a recent Warzone update is teasing the upcoming Season 5 Reloaded event. We don’t know much about this Warzone event yet, but if it involves Juggernauts, at least you’ll know how to kill them!

Meanwhile, Raven Software is slowly removing hackers from the game. Warzone cheaters are now getting hardware bans.

Additionally, a new WW2 Warzone map with improved anti-cheat is on the way. This is exactly what the game needs.

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