In the Warzone 2 DMZ mode, players must fight for survival while on an open-world battlefield where they chart their adventures.

What Is An Insured Weapon Slot in DMZ?

Players will start DMZ with one Insured Weapon Slot that allows them to take any personal weapon loadout or Weapon Blueprint into the battlefield. This loadout can be outfitted with your choice of attachments and camos.

If a player loses their Insured Weapon in a match, they’ll need to wait through a cooldown period before they can use it again.

This means there is less risk in taking Insured Weapons into DMZ, but you’ll only have one slot. So it’ll still be necessary to learn how to unlock Contraband Weapons and build up your collection.

You’ll also need to level up and unlock your weapons to properly build your Insured Weapon Slots. Use these guides to help you obtain the best weapon builds:

And since DMZ will take place in Al Mazrah, it might be good to get an early look at the battle royale map.

Insured Weapon Slots

How Long Is Insured Weapon Cooldown?

If you lose an Insured Weapon in DMZ, you will need to wait 120 minutes before you can use it again. Players lose an Insured Weapon by being eliminated while they have it equipped.

This is different from a Contraband Weapon, which you will lose completely if you are eliminated. Thankfully, there are ways to speed up this cooldown.

How to Speed Up Insured Weapon Cooldown

Players can speed up the cooldown of their Insured Weapon Slots by extracting cash and valuables successfully in DMZ.

This will allow players to quickly regain their Insured Weapon and enter the DMZ with more ease of mind. If players were to take a Contraband Weapon, then there is a risk that they’ll lose it permanently.

Sometimes players may find items they’ll be able to use in their next extraction to access secret locations. These items will hold valuables that players can use to speed up their Insured Weapon Slot cool down quickly.

How to Unlock Multiple Insured Weapon Slots

To unlock multiple Insured Weapon Slots, players will need to level up using DMZ Factions. As you progress through the ranks, you’ll earn more Insured Weapon Slots to use.

This is helpful for players with different playstyles that don’t want to rebuild their loadout every time they play.

Some loadouts can serve for stealth operations, while others are helpful if you’re looking to invade enemy players.

Check out these loadout guides to help you choose the weapon that is right for you:

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