If you’re looking to join your friends for some Splatoon 3 matches, here’s how that’s done for both online multiplayer and Salmon Run!

Splatoon 3 is finally here, and it’s time to vacate those old Splatoon lobbies in favor of Splatsville. Your trip to the Splatlands is just beginning, with years of content already planned by Nintendo, but when getting started there are a few things you should know.

First off, don’t forget to adjust your controls and overall performance. We’ve got the best settings for Splatoon 3 to help you win those matches with ease!

And once you’re ready to hop into a game, it’s time to get your friends involved. Here’s everything you need to know:

How to Join Friends in Splatoon 3

First things first, you’ll need to make sure the friends you’re trying to play with are friends with you on Nintendo Switch.

How to Add Friends on Nintendo Switch

  • From the Nintendo Switch home screen, select your player icon in the top left.
  • Then, scroll down until you see Add Friend.
  • You can search for a local user if you’re close to another player physically, but if you’re far away, it’s best to Search with Friend Code.
How to Add Friends on Nintendo Switch Online
  • You can see your own friend code in the bottom right of the Add Friend screen. Get a friend to type that into their Search with Friend Code, or get them to give you their code.
  • Hit OK and your friend request will be sent!
  • If you’ve received a friend request, you’ll be able to accept it from the Received Friend Requests section, also visible in the image above.

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How to Play Splatoon 3 Multiplayer With Friends

  • Head to the Splatoon 3 lobby.
  • Walk inside the elevator to open the Multiplayer menu.
  • Press Right on the D-Pad to change from Solo to With Friends.
How to Join Friends in Splatoon 3
  • Then select the mode you want to play (i.e. Regular Battle).
  • When you choose the mode, you’ll then have the option to invite friends to your online game using the A button.

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How to Play Salmon Run With Friends in Splatoon 3

  • For some PVE action, first head to Grizzco. You can bring up the game’s map using the X button, and fast-travel using A to get there instantly.
  • Go to the bear statue below the red fish and press A to Start Shift.
  • Then, use the D-Pad to change your mode from Solo to With Friends.
Salmon Run Splatoon 3 Friends
  • Here you can use Y to Create a Room, then press A to select Yeah.
  • Friends can be added to your Room, which can also be set to private with a password during creation.

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