If you’re looking forward to joining up with your friends in Warzone 2 and dropping into Al Mazra, you’ll need to get familiar with the Social Hub to invite your friends easily!

Warzone 2 is turning heads with its innovative take on the battle royale formula that builds on the foundation its predecessor left.

But one thing is clear, being able to invite and play with your friends makes the Warzone 2 experience much better. Here is how to navigate the Social Hub and invite your friends to your squad in Warzone 2.

How to Invite Friends on Warzone 2

To invite friends on Warzone 2, you need to access the Social Hub using the Right Stick on your controller or the “O” key on your keyboard and navigate to the “Invite to Party” screen.

Here is how to invite and join friends through the Social Hub:

  1. Access the Social Hub. There are two ways to do this.
    • The easiest way is by pressing the Right Stick on your controller or the “O” key on your keyboard. This will take you directly to your Social Hub.
    • You can also access the Social Hub by pressing the pause button on your platform. This will bring up a few options, including “Social.”
      • Choose the Social option to enter the Social Hub.
the social tab in Warzone 2
  1. Once you access the Social Hub, you’ll see “Your Party” first. This shows you who is currently in your party.
  2. Under this, you’ll find an option to “Invite Players.” Interact with this by pressing X/A/Space Bar.

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Invite Friends Warzone 2
  1. Now you’ll see the “Invite to Party” screen.
  2. From here, you can view all your Activision/PSN/Xbox/Battle.Net/Steam Friends, any Channels you are a part of, and recent players met.
  3. Highlight the player you want to invite to your party and interact with them by pressing X/A/Space Bar.
    • You’ll know when you’ve chosen them because a green checkmark will appear next to their name, and your “Selected Players” count will increase by 1.
  4. After you’ve highlighted all the friends you wish to invite, you’ll need to choose “Invite to Party” to send the invitation to your friends.
Invite to Party Warzone 2

If the Social Hub is not working, you can invite your friends using any Channels you have set up.

How to Join Friends on Warzone 2

To join your friends in Warzone 2, navigate to the Social Hub and press R1/RB/R to access the Friends tab. From your list of friends, interact with the friend you wish to join and choose “Join Game.”

  1. Access the Social Hub by pressing the Right Stick on your controller or the “O” key on the keyboard.
  2. From the Social Hub screen that displays “Your Party,” press R1/RB/R once to navigate to the Friends tab of the hub.

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Join Warzone 2
  1. Now, you’ll see your entire friends list. The first players that pop up are the ones currently playing Warzone 2. Followed by Online Friends, and finally, Offline Friends.
  2. Navigate to the friend that you wish to join. Press X/A/Space Bar on their name to bring up their details.
  3. From here, choose “Join Game” to join their party.

Now you should automatically join your friend’s lobby. If they are already in a game and the lobby is full, then this option will appear locked.

Quick Way to Invite Friends to Warzone 2 on PS5

Playstation 5 players can actually invite other Playstation players to join their party without using the Warzone 2 Social Hub by inviting them to their Activity party.

  1. Press the PS Button on your DualSense Controller.
  2. From the options above the icons, navigate toward “ActivityParty.” Press X.
    • It should have your PSN Avatar in the center and an MW2 logo on the top left.
Activity Party Warzone 2
  1. Now, choose “Invite to ActivityParty.” This brings up a list of Groups you are in and Friends. Stay in Groups if you want to invite an entire Party Chat to your game. Press R1 to select one individual friend from your Friends List.
  2. Press X on the Friends/Group you want to invite to Warzone 2.
  3. Once you’ve chosen them, go to the bottom right and choose “Invite.”
Activity Party Warzone 2

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That is how you can easily invite friends to play Warzone 2 without using the Social Hub on Playstation 5.

This option only works on PS5. PS4 does not have an Activity Party option. Although, you can invite PS5/PS4 friends using this method.

How to Accept Invite to Warzone 2

To accept an invitation to Warzone 2, navigate to the Notifications tab in the pause menu and interact with the Party Invite.

  1. Press the Pause Button on your controller or Enter key on your keyboard to bring up the pause menu.
  2. Use R1/RB/R to navigate the third option with a Bell icon. This is your Notifications tab.
  3. Here you can see any Friend Requests and Party Invites you have received. Interact with the Party Invite by pressing X/A/Space Bar.
  4. This will bring up two options: accept the invite or dismiss it. Choose “Accept Invite” to join your friend’s party.

How to Add Friends on Warzone 2

To add friends on Warzone 2, you need to:

  1. Access the Social Hub.
  2. Head to the Friends tab.
  3. Choose the “Add Friends” option.
  4. Input the Activision ID of the friend you wish to add.
  5. Finalize it by choosing “Send Request.”

This will send a friend request to the Activision ID that you inputted.

How Many Friends Can Play Warzone 2 Together

Players can only play Warzone 2 with a max of 4 players in their party. This means you and three of your friends. DMZ only allows you to play with a max of 3 players.

This is due to Warzone 2 only having options for Quads, Trios, Duos, and Solo modes in its Battle Royale.

Where to Access Social Hub in Warzone 2

The easiest way to access the Social Hub in Warzone 2 is by pressing the Right Stick if you’re on the controller to the “O” key if you’re on the keyboard. This will bring you directly to the Social Hub screen.

The Social Hub is one of the most important features in Warzone 2 because it allows you to add, join, and invite friends to your party.

Players can also change their Operator, Calling Cards, and more in the Showcase.