EA releases the EA FC 24 Marquee Matchups every Thursday at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM BST.

Marquee Matchups feature SBCs (Squad Building Challenges) dedicated to the most significant matches happening in world football, with four games being selected personally by EA.

That said, you can use this as a guide to know which players to invest in ahead of each set of FC 24 Marquee Matchups.

How to Invest in EA FC 24 Marquee Matchups

To invest in FC 24 Marquee Matchups, it’s best to look into players that match up with one or more of these requirements:

  • Silver Rare Players
  • Club-Specific Players
  • Players with 80+ Rating from the Same League or Nation

Typical requirements of the SBCs include:

  • Nation
  • League
  • Rare Cards
  • Rating
Marquee Matchups requirements example

The release of Marquee Matchups drives players associated with the games to get a price increase. This is heavily influenced by the requirements surrounding each game, but you can expect to double your coins at least, if you can pick up the correct players before the rise.

You should bid on players early and sell around 30 minutes after the release time to make the most profit.

We recommend that you follow an in-depth breakdown of how Marquee Matchups work before investing.

EA usually selects four big games as Marquee Matchups each week, with many of these matches usually being derbys.

Three of the matchups take place in bigger leagues, with one of them being in a lower league. The big leagues, such as the Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, and Ligue 1, consider anything outside them to be a lower league.

EA FC 24 Marquee Matchups Investment Examples

These are some FC 24 Marquee Matchups investment examples:

Example fixturePlayerCostRequirement
Manchester United vs Manchester CityLuke Shaw95080+ / Club
Barcelona vs Real MadridNacho95080+ / Club
Marseille vs LyonJonathan Clauss70080+ / Club
Al Hilal vs Al AhliAl Bulayi350Silver Rare / Club

Make sure the players you purchase are close to the discard price. This means you’ll lose little to no coins if the investment goes wrong.

For those unaware, discard price refers to the value of Quick Selling the player.

The higher rating the player is, the better, because there are occasional rating requirements included in SBCs. However, you should always strive to keep costs down where possible.

Bidding on Al Hilal player Al Bulayi

EA FC 24 Marquee Matchups Tips

You should:

  • Research accordingly
  • List 30 minutes after release
  • Purchase players on the Monday that falls within the same week as the upcoming Marquee Matchups

You should not:

  • Invest late (a couple of hours before)
  • Buy players that already hold high-value
  • Overbuy into one-player

If done correctly, investing in FC 24 Marquee Matchups can be an excellent Ultimate Team money maker.

Isiah is an experienced writer and avid football enthusiast with a keen interest in FC 24. His all-time favourite FIFA player was Player of the Month Son Heung-min back in 2017.