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How To Install Warzone High Resolution Texture Pack

Warzone has a new high resolution texture pack – find out how to install it here.

Warzone is already a good-looking game, but it can look even better with a couple of simple downloads.

Find out how to make Warzone look better by downloading the High Resolution Texture Packs.

warzone plane

What Do High Resolution Texture Packs Do?

Simply enough, the packs upgrade the quality of textures in Warzone.

However, to make the most of the High Resolution Texture Packs, you’ll want to have a next-gen console like a PS5 or Xbox Series X. It is also available on PS4 Pro.

Also, find out how Warzone plays on the PS5, including frame rate, resolution and more.

Players will also need a 4k display to see all of the finest details added in the High Resolution Texture Pack.

Unfortunately, the packs won’t be able to increase the game’s frame rate on PS5. Find out why Xbox players can play Warzone at a higher FPS than PlayStation gamers.


How Many Texture Packs Are There?

At the moment, there are 3 High Resolution Texture Packs for Warzone. The latest one released at the beginning of March and included updated textures for new weapons and operators.

It’s recommended that players install all 3 packs to get the best-looking version of Warzone.

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How To Install Warzone High Resolution Texture Packs

There are a few simple steps to installing the High Resolution Texture Packs in Warzone.

  • From the Warzone main menu, open Options
  • Then go to the General tab
  • Scroll down until you find the Game Installs option
  • Go into the Game Installs option and scroll down until you find the High Resolution Texture Packs
  • Click on whatever texture pack you want to download

Once the High Resolution Texture Packs have downloaded and installed, you can then play Warzone with super detailed graphics.

Warzone High Resolution Texture Pack

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