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How to Do the Infinite Gas Mask Glitch in Warzone 2

Warzone 2 players have found a glitch that allows them to equip an Infinite gas mask to survive in the storm without worry.

One of the most dangerous mechanics in Warzone 2 is the storm. Players can only survive inside the storm for a very limited time.

Although, with the infinite gas mask glitch, you can survive inside the storm for as long as you want.

With this article, we hope to bring more attention to this issue so that it may be patched quickly and not abused. The method has already been widely circulating online.

How to Do the Warzone 2 Infinite Gas Mask Glitch

To do the Warzone 2 Infinite gas mask glitch, you must obtain: a medium or large backpack, gas mask, and a golden weapon from AI enemies.

  1. The easiest way to find these items is during the Stronghold in-game event in Warzone 2.
    • Here you’ll need to clear out a Stronghold full of AQ Soldiers.
    • Once cleared, you will have access to your loadout and plenty of loot.
    • The loot will always contain a gas mask, a golden AI weapon, and a medium/large backpack.
    • The biggest drawback of this method is that many other players will head to the Stronghold when it is revealed.
  2. If there is no Stronghold to loot, explore and find $9000 around the map. Use this money to purchase a medium backpack and a gas mask from the Buy Station 2.0.
  3. After you have the backpack, search for enemy soldiers and kill them until they drop a weapon with a golden border.
    • Weapons with one attachment or more usually have a gold border.
    • Head to any Stronghold location on the map to easily defeat multiple AI.
Gold border Gun Warzone 2 DMZ
  1. Once you have all the items, drop your gas mask and golden weapon next to each other. Drop the golden weapon and then take a few steps back and drop the gas mask.
    • To drop items on console:
      • Press down on the D-pad.
      • Highlight your gas mask and golden weapon.
      • Press Square (Playstation) or X (Xbox) to drop the items.
    • To drop items on PC:
      • Press Tab.
      • Highlight your gas mask and golden weapon.
      • Press G to drop the items.
  2. Now, you’ll need to trick the game into picking up an infinite gas mask.
    • Aim your crosshairs at the golden weapon. Do not aim your weapon, simply use your normal view to align your crosshairs with the weapon.
    • Once the golden weapon is highlighted slowly move back without moving your crosshairs until it changes from the weapon to the gas mask.
    • Stop and press down on the D-pad or Tab to stow the weapon.

What should happen now is you’ll see the golden weapon get stowed and the gas mask still on the floor. If you look at your inventory though, you should see a gas mask with an incredible amount of durability.

This is considered an exploit and form of cheating so it should be patched in the coming days.

If this seems familiar, then it’s because this is the same method as the Infinite Money Glitch in DMZ.

If you still need help using this in-game then check out this video by Grrae:

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