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How to Increase Your Equilibrium Level in Honkai: Star Rail

Raise your Equilibrium Level through the Astral Express roof!

Players may find themselves needing to increase their Equilibrium Level at certain points in Honkai: Star Rail. However, if you’re unsure what it is or how to raise it, that may be tricky.

Fortunately, for those who need to know, we’re going to break down exactly what the Equilibrium Level is and how to increase it.

What Is the Equilibrium Level in Honkai: Star Rail?

Your Equilibrium Level determines the level of enemies and the rewards you get from the Calyx, Stagnant Shadow, Cavern of Corrosion, and Echo of War dungeons and challenges.

Essentially, the higher your Equilibrium level, the more difficult but lucrative the side content in Honkai: Star Rail becomes.

You also need to increase your Equilibrium level in order to Ascend your characters and Light Cones beyond certain levels.

Increasing your rewards in these challenges is just one way to improve your odds of unlocking a five-star character in Honkai: Star Rail.

The in-game description of how the Equilibrium Level system works in Honkai Star Rail
The in-game description of how the Equilibrium Level system works.

How to Increase Your Equilibrium Level

You naturally increase your Equilibrium Level in Honkai: Star Rail by reaching certain Trailblaze Level milestones.

Once you reach a certain Trailblaze Level, you’ll unlock a Trial of Equilibrium quest. This quest is a mini-dungeon that requires you to defeat groups of enemies. After completing it, you’ll unlock the next Equilibrium Level and can continue increasing your Trailblaze Level.

Here are each of the Trailblaze Level milestones you need to reach in order to unlock the Trials of Equilibrium:

  • 20
  • 30
  • 40
  • 50
  • 60
  • 65

Once you reach the Trailblaze Level before the level cap (for example Level 19, 29, 39, etc), you will automatically trigger a brief bit of dialogue, after which you’ll unlock the Trial of Equilibrium quest.

You then need to track the quest and head to the specified location as you would any other in Honkai: Star Rail.

Finally, after completing it, you’ll be given a series of rewards that differ with each Trial and can Ascend your characters to progress to higher levels.

Of course, by increasing your Trailblaze Level, you’ll also unlock a series of incredible rewards, including free Warps!

the player stood outside of a Trial of Equilibrium portal in Honkai Star Rail

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