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How to Improve Aim & Accuracy in Warzone Pacific

Here are the top tips to improve your aim and accuracy in Warzone Pacific. These will help you get way more kills and wins in Caldera!

If you want to be the last squad standing in Warzone, you’ll need to be skilled enough to eliminate other squads along the way. However, killing your enemies before they get you isn’t easy.

WIth developer Raven Software planning to increase TTK in the future, aim and accuracy will become even more important in the Battle Royale.

Luckily, YouTuber BennyCentral has some top tips which will help you improve your aim and accuracy in Warzone.

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Best Warzone Aim & Accuracy Tips

Controller Settings

The first step to improving your aim and accuracy in Warzone, according to BennyCentral, is having the right controller settings. This includes stick sensitivity as well as making sure you have the right aim response curve.

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Aim Assist

BennyCentral’s next aim and accuracy tip for Warzone is mastering aim assist. There are 3 steps to this.

First, you’ve got to get used to aim assist and make small adjustments to hit head and chest shots. Then, you can also make the most of rotational aim assist by moving while shooting as well as using ‘aim assist stick’ to lock on to opponents in long-range gunfights.

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Warzone Pacific Caldera

Accuracy Tips

Additionally, there are also some simple tips that you can use to improve your reflexes and recoil control. These will help your accuracy and aim too.

Centering your crosshairs on positions where opponents can appear like windows and doorways is key. If you’re pre-aiming where someone could be then you can get the jump on them.

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Next, for long-range aim and accuracy in Warzone, there are two things you can do. Mounting on walls or trees makes your gun laser-accurate and you can also tap-fire guns to increase accuracy too.

BennyCentral also recommends warming up in Call of Duty custom matches. Any match against bots is good but make sure to set the enemies to 250 health – the same as a fully-plated Warzone player.

JGOD has some long-range accuracy tips for Warzone too. With both of these YouTubers giving you pointers, you’re bound to improve!

Warzone Pacific

Learning Recoil Patterns & Using Meta Loadouts

Finally, knowing the recoil patterns of weapons is key to accuracy. You can find out how to control the recoil by shooting a magazine at a wall and analyzing the pattern.

Additionally, you’ll need to be using the meta Warzone loadouts with low-recoil and high bullet velocity attachments. These will help you hit as many shots as possible.

Will you be using these Warzone aim and accuracy tips? Make sure to check out BennyCentral’s video below for more details.

In other news, Warzone players are waiting for a fan-favorite game mode to return. When is Vanguard Royale coming back in Warzone?

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Sunday 23rd of January 2022

This is litterally the most vague and generalized list of tips I've ever read. All you basically said was "use the stuff that helps with accuracy to improve your accuracy..." with one decent tip on how to learn recoil patterns.