A new hurdling movement mechanic has been added to Fortnite but how can you perform this new way to maneuver across the map?

Having good movement mechanics is important in any Battle Royale game as you look to rotate into the circle.

Hurdling is a new feature that will help you as you make your way across the Fortnite map and the way to perform it is pretty simple!

How To Hurdle in Fortnite

To hurdle in Fortnite, you will need to sprint toward an obstacle. You will now automatically hurdle over or onto the object.

To hurdle you will need to hold the following button:

  • PC: Left-Shift
  • Xbox: Left Analog Stick (LS)
  • PlayStation: Left Analog Stick (L3)
  • Switch: Left Analog Stick

Hurdling is much quicker than mantling as you will not lose momentum when you hurdle!

Hurdling will also make maneuvering around the map much quicker as you will not have to jump over objects in your way!

What Objects Can I Hurdle Over In Fortnite?

You are only able to hurdle over smaller objects such as fences. Attempting to hurdle over larger objects will either put you onto the obstacle or will not allow you to hurdle at all.

If your in-game Fortnite Challenges, task you with hurdling over objects, you should be able to complete it fairly quickly!

There is a ton of newly named points of interest in Fortnite Chapter 4’s map! There are sure to be a bunch of objects that you can hurdle over across the island!

The new Fortnite season has also added Reality Augments! These will give players special in-game abilities so check out what each Reality Augment does!

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