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How to Hit the Nape of Different Titan Targets in Fortnite

Train yourself for the Scout Regiment with the Titan Targets in Fortnite.

Eren Jaeger has arrived in the world of Fortnite as a playable skin, but to unlock him, players must complete a set of challenging quests.

One of these challenges involves reenacting one of the most iconic sequences in Attack on Titan by hitting the nape of a Titan with ODM Gear.

The easiest way to hit the nape of 4 different Titan Targets in Fortnite is to find the cardboard Titans scattered around the island and use the ODM Gear to slice behind their necks.

  1. Find ODM Gear by searching through the island or finding a Scout Regiment Footlocker.
    • A quick way to obtain ODM Gear is by finding the basement in Anvil Square, where there is a guaranteed Scout Regiment Footlocker.
    • Many players have also reported seeing gear near the Titan Targets scattered around the floor.
  2. Head to one of the locations of the Titan Targets marked by the quest on your map.
    • These are the Titan Targets that the quest references.
Titan Locations Fortnite
  1. Once you reach the Target Titan, you’ll see a target on its nape.
Titan Target Nape Fortnite
  1. Equip your ODM Gear.
  2. Aim at the nape of the Titan.
  3. Press R2, RT, or Right-Click to attack using the ODM Gear.
Fortnite Titan Nape
  1. Once you slice the target from the nape, it will count toward your quest total.
  2. You’ll need to do this four times to complete the quest.

This is just one of the eight quests you’ll need to finish to unlock Eren Jaeger in Fortnite.

How to Find Titan Targets in Fortnite

Players can easily find the Titan Targets in Fortnite by looking through the Island’s western side near Anvil Square, Shattered Slabs, The Citadel, and Breakwater Bay.

Players can find the location of each Titan Target on the map below:

Fortnite Titan Targets Locations

Once you reach each of these locations, there is a high chance you may run into enemy players. One way to protect yourself is to obtain a Thunder Spear to use alongside your ODM Gear.

This is the only weapon that players can use while actively using the ODM Gear.

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