After putting so much time and effort into customizing your Diablo 4 character’s face, it seems a shame to hide it beneath a helmet.

A major element of the Diablo franchise is collecting the best loot possible. However, sometimes you won’t like how a piece of armor looks, despite enjoying its stat boosts.

Thankfully, for times like these, there’s a way to hide your helmet in Diablo 4 by using the Wardrobe system. And for all other pieces of armor, make sure you know how the transmog system works to help you dress your best.

Hide Your Helmet in Diablo 4

You can hide your helmet by interacting with any Wardrobe and selecting the “Unequipped Look” option for your headgear slot.

You will find the first Wardrobe in Kyovashad, one of the game’s starting areas. Additionally, Wardrobe locations all around Sanctuary are marked on the map with a wardrobe icon.

How to Hide Helmet in Diablo 4
  1. Reach Kyovashad*.
    • You will find this area right after meeting Lorath Nahr at the Windswept Cabin and finishing the Rite of Passage quest in the initial segment of the game.
    • If you have already visited this area, you can fast-travel using the Kyovashad Waypoint.
  2. The Wardrobe in Kyovashad is located in the second story of the inn to the left of the Kyovashad Waypoint. It is in the same room where you can find the Stash chest.
  3. Once at this location, interact with the Wardrobe and select the “Modify Slot” option for your headgear slot.
  4. Finally, select the “Unequipped Look” option and “Apply Look”. This will hide your helmet in Diablo 4.
Diablo 4 Wardrobe Map Location and Menu
Left: Wardrobe Map Location in Kyovashad / Right: Wardrobe Menu to Hide Helmet

5. Finally, don’t forget to “Confirm Look” to save your changes.

*Note: You can use any Wardrobe in the game, but this is the first one you will encounter.

If you want to avoid repeating this process over and over again, it is a good idea to create some Ensembles. These are saved templates of looks you want for your character.

Ensembles even save the “Unequipped Look” option for any of your gear, making it easier to swap looks on the go.

Now that you can hide your helmet and get the look you want in Diablo 4, visit the Purveyor of Curiosities vendor in the area! You can buy some Whispering Keys from them to open many Silent Chests that await in upcoming quests.

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