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How to Heal in Elden Ring – All Methods to Raise HP

Knowing how to heal in Elden Ring is vital. It’ll keep you alive for longer during those tough battles, as well as get you to your next Site of Grace.

Let’s say this: your character has the best armor in Elden Ring on, ready to fight everything and anything. But you find yourself needing to be healed often.

Elden Ring is notoriously difficult. It holds nothing back, and like FromSoftware’s Souls games, you’re going to be dying. A lot.

Not to worry, we have all the options and methods for healing in Elden Ring so you can keep fighting and hopefully see another day. Or, at least another ten minutes.

Ashes of War in Elden Ring

How Can I Heal in Elden Ring?

There are numerous ways to heal in Elden Ring, including spells, sorceries, consumable items, or your trusty Crimson flask. You have plenty of methods to get back into the fight!

We’re going to list all of the ways to bring your health bar back up, but your best bet will be pre-emptive. Upgrading your Vigor character stat, among others, will help your health and defense in the long run.

Flask of Crimson Tears

Similar to the Estus Flask in Dark Souls, the Flask of Crimson Tears is your best bet at healing. Every player starts with this equipment, so it’s a sure-fire bet for heals.

The Flask can be filled by resting at Sites of Grace, and you can gain more uses by using Golden Seeds. In fact, one of the Keepsakes in Elden Ring is a Golden Seed.

Elden Ring

Sites of Grace

Elden Ring’s Sites of Grace are the equivalent to that of a checkpoint. They allow you to rest up for the next battles, as well as upgrade your stats and more.

Resting at a Site of Grace fills up your Flask of Crimson Tears, as well as fully heals you and removes any status effects on your character.

Whenever you pass a Site of Grace, make sure to rest at them. You may need that health for an upcoming battle.

Incantations and Ashes of War

Magic exists in The Lands Between, and some magic will help you heal up. Take, for instance, the Ash of War: Holy Ground.

Ash of War: Holy Ground is a shield enchantment. It replaces the Parry skill with an AoE aura that heals you over time. You can find out more about how to use Ashes of War in Elden Ring here.

Holy Ground Ash of War Elden Ring

There are also incantations or spells, such as Heal, which will provide a moderate amount of health upon use. Using incantations in Elden Ring uses up Focus Points – here’s how to get more of them!

Killing Enemies

Due to the huge open world of Elden Ring, compared to the linear paths of Dark Souls, From Software had to change up the formula.

Killing a small group of enemies now provides a small boost of health, allowing for a risk and reward type of play.

If you’re far from a Site of Grace and have run out of items, killing a few enemies may provide you with that boost of health.

Elden Ring Spirit Spell


Consumables, while limited in quantity, may provide you with some much-needed HP. While there are plenty of different consumables in The Lands Between, some will offer some health when used.

Make sure to check your consumables descriptions to ensure they provide health rather than something else.

Elden Ring‘s massive amount of enemies and content may seem daunting, but with these tips for healing, you can handle anything!

However, picking the best class and equipment in Elden Ring from the beginning is sure to help!

And if you’re finding those pesky enemy players invading you, find out how to turn invasions off in Elden Ring.

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