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How to Have No Scope Glint on Snipers in Warzone

These no-glint scopes will help snipers stay hidden in Warzone.

Scope Glint is a sniper’s worst enemy. It gives away their position and alerts potential targets that they’re about to be shot.

Lucky for Warzone snipers, there are a number of scopes that allow players to see players from hundreds of feet away without having glint.

What Scopes Have No Glint in Warzone

There are a number of high zoom scopes that have been added as part of the Season 1 update that don’t have glint. While you can’t remove scope glint, players can select an optic that doesn’t have any glint.

Unfortunately, these scopes can only be attached to Black Ops Cold War guns in Warzone. The scopes on Modern Warfare guns in Warzone stick to a rule regarding glint.

Every scope from Modern Warfare that has 3.5x zoom or more will show scope glint. This isn’t the case for Cold War guns in Warzone, however.

The Royal & Kross 4X scope along with the 6x zoom Hangman RF have no scope glint in Warzone. These scopes can be used for long-range tactical rifles like the overpowered DMR or aggressive mid-range sniper rifles.

For players who want a more flexible sniper rifle, the Vulture Custom Zoom has a variable zoom range between 1x and 10x. This too has no glint, but there is an even better option for Warzone snipers.

The king of Warzone’s no glint scopes is without a doubt the Ultrazoom Custom. This is a variable scope that scales from 2x all the way to a whopping 20x zoom.

However, it must be considered that the lack of glint for scopes is most likely a bug and will be fixed soon. Potentially as part of the huge Season 1 Reloaded update, which is coming soon.

What Scopes to Avoid in Warzone

Players using Cold War snipers in Warzone should avoid the default scope at all costs. This is because it has a scope glint where optics with similar zooms do not.

While players will have to give up an attachment slot for one of the other optics, having a scope with no glint in Warzone is definitely worth taking up an attachment slot.

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There is also a scope that you should avoid, as it has a glint that players would not expect.

The SUSAT Multizoom has a variable zoom between 2x and 4x. However, even when aiming down sights at the 2x zoom, the scope shows an obvious glint.

For a more detailed look into scope glint in Warzone, check out JGOD’s video.

This isn’t the only glitch in Warzone at the moment, however. Players have found a way to teleport across the map.

Warzone fans are also upset that this popular game mode has been replaced. This is especially bad for players as a Double XP Event is coming soon.

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