League SBCs are back in FC 24, giving us the perfect opportunity to beef up our club with some high-rated fodder and grind a ton of coins while we’re at it.

If you’re anything like us, the mere sight of these League SBCs will excite you. And here’s the best part – with the correct method, you can grind out these SBCs to make coins and improve your squad.

So join us as we dive into a full explanation and walkthrough of how you can start grinding the League SBCs in FC 24. We recommend not grinding the Mixed League Upgrade as the rewards are not value for time.

Step 1: Bronze Packs

To start your grind of League SBCs, you must begin by opening 750 coin Bronze Packs. This is to stock up your club and prepare you for later steps.

If you already have tons of Bronze Players in your club, you can skip straight to Step 2. If you don’t, you must start using the Bronze Pack Method. Not sure what this is? Read below for a quick rundown!

Bronze packs to begin the League SBCs grind

What Is the Bronze Pack Method?

The Bronze Pack Method is a trading technique where you open the 750 coins Bronze Packs and sell every item in the pack. There are 12 items, and if everything gets bought for the minimum 150 coins, you will make back more than double the cost of your 750 coin investment.

In League SBCs, it works slightly different. Instead of selling everything you store every Bronze Player in your club except those from the following leagues:

  • Libertadores & Sudamericana players
  • Trendyol Süper Lig & CSL players
  • ROSHN Saudi League & Belgian Pro League players
  • MLS & EFL Championship players

You don’t store these items because they are needed for the Mixed League Upgrades and will likely have more value on the market. Check their price and list them for sale to recoup coins from the Bronze Pack.

Mixed Leagues Upgrade SBC FC 24

Step 2: Bronze, Silver & Gold Upgrades

Next, once your club has been stocked up with Bronze Players, you should do the following:

  • Submit Bronze Players into the Bronze Upgrade SBC to get two Silver Players.
  • With the Silver Players you get, put them into the Silver Upgrade SBC. However, there is a list of Silver items you must keep:
    • Ligue 1 & Eredivisie Players
    • Libertadores & Sudamericana players
    • Bundesliga & Serie A Players
    • Premier League & LaLiga Players
  • Next, do the same with the Common Gold Players you receive and submit them into the Gold Upgrade.
    • Make sure to keep the players from the list above.
Gold, Silver & Bronze Upgrade

Step 3: Complete the Segments in Premium Mixed Leagues Upgrade

After completing the Gold Upgrade a few times, head over to the Premium Mixed Leagues SBC and attempt to complete the segments.

We suggest buying the remaining items from the market if you have at least 8/11 players needed to complete the SBC. This should be no more than 2,000 coins.

However, if you need more items or the players are too expensive, run through Steps 1 & 2 a couple more times.

In the Ligue 1 & Eredivise and the Bundesliga & Serie A SBC, you will receive tradable packs back in return. Make sure to sell every player from these to recoup some value.

All items will be untradeable in the Libertadores & Sudamericana, the Premier League & LaLiga, and the final group reward packs. Store these players to help speed up the process on the following completion.

The more you complete the Premium Mixed Leagues Upgrade, the quicker each run-through will be, as you will have more gold players than you started with from Step 1.

Premium Mixed Leagues Upgrade
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