Zombies are making their way to Modern Warfare with MW3, and it looks like they’ve managed to infect one of the most iconic characters to ever head into Warzone, Ghost.

MW3 is looking to bring out everything in Call of Duty’s arsenal to cement itself as one of the best FPS games of recent times, including the first-ever edition of Zombies in Modern Warfare’s story.

To celebrate this new piece of Zombies lore, Call of Duty is allowing players to unlock a Zombie Ghost Operator Skin that they can use in MW2, MW3, and Warzone.

How to Get Zombie Ghost Operator Skin

Players must pre-order any digital edition of Modern Warfare 3 to unlock the Zombie Ghost Operator Skin in MW2, MW3, and Warzone. If you already pre-ordered the game, the Operator Skin will unlock for you on September 27, when Season 6 begins.

However, if you wait until after September 27 to pre-order MW3, you will instantly unlock Zombie Ghost. Players can use this Zombie Ghost Operator Skin in MW2, MW3, Warzone, and Warzone Mobile.

Time left to pre-order and get the Zombie Ghost Operator Skin:

Zombie Ghost Skin MW3 Warzone

After you obtain the Operator Skin, you can equip it from the Operator Menu by choosing Ghost and bringing up his different Operator Skins.

Thankfully, this is just an added bonus on top of the already long list of rewards players receive when pre-ordering MW3.

Players will have until Friday, November 10, 2023, to pre-order MW3 to unlock Zombie Ghost. Call of Duty has yet to mention if players will still have a chance to obtain this skin after MW3 releases, so it’s best to get it using this method to be sure.

Zombie Ghost is meant to shine a spotlight on the new Zombie mode released with MW3. This is the first time in Modern Warfare’s history that it will have a Zombie mode.