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How to Get Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Hip Pack

Bring a piece of Hyrule with you everywhere you go with the new Tears of the Kingdom Hip Pack!

With the Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom release date right around the corner, many retailers have revealed different bonuses players can obtain by purchasing the game at their stores.

Usually, these bonuses are in-game items or cosmetics that players can redeem using a code, but a few retailers have opted to give out physical goodies with Tears of the Kingdom.

One of those retailers is Target, which will give out a free hip pack to any player who purchases TOTK on the release date.

How to Get Tears of the Kingdom Adventure Hip Pack

Players who buy The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom from any participating Target store location on May 12 will receive a free Adventure Hip Pack with their purchase while supplies last. This bonus is only available in-store and is limited to one per person.

If you’re thinking of heading to Target to secure an adventure hip pack for yourself, then make sure to use the Store Finder to find your nearest location.

The finder also has the store’s information, so anyone interested can call ahead to confirm that they still have the Tears of the Kingdom hip pack in stock.

Stores are also likely to run out of the pack quickly because they only have a limited quantity. But there are a lot of players that have already purchased TOTK digitally due to the huge discount available with it.

The hip pack is only available at Target and is not part of any other retailer’s bonuses of Tears of the Kingdom. So if you already pre-ordered the game somewhere else but want the hip pack, you’ll need to cancel your pre-order.

Adventure Hip Pack Zelda

If you’re worried about not arriving in time to obtain a hip pack, then GameStop also has a pretty great physical bonus you can obtain by pre-ordering.

Target will also have the Nintendo Switch OLED Tears of the Kingdom Edition available for purchase in-store.

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