Wondering what XL Candy is and how to get it fast in Pokemon GO? Here’s everything you need to know.

Pokemon GO recently lowered its level requirement for earning XL Candy in Pokemon GO from 40 to 31. Now, any player who is Level 31 and above has a chance of encountering XL Candy – but what is this special candy and what does it do?

The answer is actually pretty simple.

What Is XL Candy in Pokemon GO?

XL Candy is an item required to level up a specific Pokemon in Pokemon GO beyond level 40. Normal Candy can only be used up to level 40, so you need XL XL Candy allows to push them further beyond that.

XL Rare Candy is also in the game now, mainly unlocked when players level up past 40. This special type of Candy allows players to convert the Rare Candy into an XL Candy of their choice.

XL Candy Pokemon GO Level 31

How to Use XL Candy in Pokemon GO

To use XL Candy, simply Power Up your Pokemon as normal. Once they’ve hit their maximum CP cap at Level 40, the game will start requiring XL Candy alongside Stardust for the boost.

The first few levels will cost 10 XL Candy each, but the cost soon rises even higher.

It takes a total of 296 XL Candy to power up a standard ‘Mon from Level 40 all the way to Level 50. However, you’ll have to use 360 for a Shadow Pokemon.

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How to Get XL Candy in Pokemon GO

Any player from Level 31 upward can now find XL Candy when performing the following actions:

  • Catching a Pokemon. This can give you 1-3 XL Candy depending on its CP.
  • Trading Pokemon has a low chance to give both players an XL Candy (provided they’re over Level 31)
  • Hatching 5km/7km Eggs gives up to 16 XL Candy (Often much lower)
  • Hatching 10km/12km Eggs gives up to 24 XL Candy (Often much lower)
  • Walking with your Buddy can give XL Candy at random (seems to be more frequent the higher level they are)
  • Transferring a Pokemon. This can also reward a single XL Candy at random.
  • You can convert 100 regular Candy to 1 XL Candy.
  • Using the new Pokemon GO Mega Evolution system will also give you a boosted chance to get XL Candy when catching Pokemon of the same type as your evolved Mega. However, this only occurs to High or Max Tier Megas.
Pokemon GO Mega Blastoise

Fastest Method to Get XL Candy

The best way to earn XL Candy is simply by catching Pokemon and transferring them. Both of these simple actions can reward you with the XL Candy you are looking for.

Focus on catching higher CP Pokemon, or the evolved form of the one you’re Candy farming. And if you’ve got a friend with you, trade your new catches for a chance at yet another XL Candy.

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