The brand-new World Championships 2022 Pikachu is in Pokemon GO for players to catch – here are all of the ways you can get this new costumed Pikachu!

Pikachu is the mascot for the Pokemon franchise and the most iconic ‘Mon of them all so it makes sense that Niantic will release plenty of special versions of Pikachu in Pokemon GO.

There are now dozens of different Pikachu wearing costumes in Pokemon GO from Pikachu Libre to the Flying Pikachu. It seems like most Pokemon GO events have a new version of the iconic Pokemon to catch.

The new World Championships 2022 event in Pokemon GO has seized the opportunity to add one of the most fun costumed Pikachu so far!

Pokemon GO World Championships Pikachu 2022

This version of Pikachu is wearing a jacket and hat that looks like a guard from the Tower of London. Of course, this is to celebrate that the Pokemon World Championships are being held in London this year.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways for Pokemon trainers to catch this special Pikachu before the World Championships event ends on August 23.

Every Way to Catch World Championships 2022 Pikachu in Pokemon GO

These are the 3 different ways to catch World Championships 2022 Pikachu in Pokemon GO:

Pokemon GO World Championships Celebration Start Date & New Content Revealed

Can you Catch a Shiny Catch World Championships 2022 Pikachu?

You can catch a shiny version of the World Championships 2022 Pikachu if you are lucky. However, the chances of this are extremely low.

If you want to find out more about shinies in the game, our Pokemon GO shiny odds guide tells you how likely it is to catch all kinds of shiny Pokemon.

Shiny 2022 World Championships Pikachu

In other news, there’s plenty more to experience in the Pokemon GO World Championships. Here’s how to get the exclusive Team Building Timed Research during the event.

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