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How to Get the VTOL Jet Plane in Saints Row 2022

Saints Row 2022 brings back the VTOL but only the most dedicated players will be unlocking the jet plane for themselves.

The Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) jet has become a fan-favorite vehicle for Saints Row fans over the years. The plane was first introduced in Saints Row: The Third before returning in Saints Row IV.

Now, despite the franchise rebooting with the simply-named ‘Saints Row’ in 2022, the VTOL is back in all its glory. Players will first encounter the jet in the game’s first mission, but the VTOL doesn’t become available for use until much later on.

In the meantime, players should learn how to use the wingsuit for all their airborne ventures.

VTOL Jet Plane in Saints Row 2022

And for those after some more cool tech, here’s how to unlock the hoverboard in the Saints Row reboot.

Saints Row: How to Unlock the MDI-921V VTOL Jet

To unlock the MDI-921V VTOL jet in Saints Row, players will need to complete the game’s final story mission: Showdown. We won’t spoil the mission itself, but in Showdown players will make use of the VTOL for the first time.

Afterward, the plane will be available to summon from your Saints HQ, at the landing pad. When facing the church entrance, the helipad garage will be around the corner to your right!

Saints Row Reboot How to Unlock the VTOL

How to Use the VTOL

After getting in the VTOL jet, players will need to know the controls:

  • Fly upward: X/A/Space Bar
  • Descend: Square/X/CTRL
  • Laser: R2/RT/Left Click
  • Missiles: L2/LT/Right Click
  • Change Mode (Hover/Jet): Circle/B/Shift

What makes the jet truly unique is its ability to shift between two forms, a hover mode and a jet mode. Not only is the vehicle your fastest mode of transportation, it can also mop up combat encounters in seconds!

But if the VTOL still isn’t fast enough for you, there’s an even quicker mode of transportation available. Here’s how to unlock all fast travel locations in Saints Row.

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