The wingsuit is one of Saints Row 2022’s best additions, but how do you unlock it and how does it work?

If you’re looking to get around Santo Ileso in style, look no further than the new Saints Row wingsuit. Although the open-world environment doesn’t have as many tall buildings as Steelport, it certainly give you plenty of ways to get around.

But none are as fun as the wingsuit, a glider that the Boss keeps on them at all times. With a little know-how, players will be able to use this movement option to take to the skies, and pull off some incredible stunts.

Here’s everything you need to know:

How to Unlock the Wingsuit in Saints Row 2022

To unlock the wingsuit in Saints Row, simply complete the game’s opening missions. When you are thrown into free roam for the first time, you’ll have the wingsuit unlocked – but the game won’t tell you about it.

You’ll first learn about the wingsuit in a much later mission, but you can use the device right away, so long as you know how.

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Saints Row Reboot How to Use the Wingsuit

How to Use the Wingsuit

To use the wingsuit in Saints Row 2022, all you need to do is jump from a high enough point and then press jump again when prompted.

When jumping from smaller heights, you may be able to trigger the wingsuit by mashing jump, even before the prompt pops up.

Given that there aren’t too many heights to discover, particularly in the early game, Deep Silver has given players a few more options to help them take to the skies.

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Saints Row 2022 Wingsuit

To land, hold L2/LT to brake in the air, and save yourself from a painful landing! You can also press Triangle/Y/E when above a car to land on its roof.

How to Wingsuit From a Car

For an easy way to deploy your wingsuit, stand on top of a car and press Triangle/Y/E to lie down on the roof. Then, once the car driver builds up some speed, press jump to launch into the air!

However, if you don’t pull back on the analog stick while attempting this, you’ll often plunge straight into the ground. Watch out for any signs above you when performing this maneuver too!

Another great way to get airborne is by unlocking the VTOL in Saints Row, but that won’t be easy!