The easiest way to obtain the red and blue access cards in Warzone 2 DMZ is by looting a Supply Drop. The red access card unlocks the red door near Office Storage in Building 21 when it’s live, while the blue access card unlocks the blue door near Data Center.

There is no guaranteed method of obtaining the Red and Blue Access Cards in Warzone 2 DMZ, but players have a chance of finding them from:

  • Red, Orange, and White Supply Chests
  • SAM Site Drops
  • Supply Drops
  • Enemy Helicopter Supply Cargo
  • Boss Supply Drops

Since red and blue access cards are a random drop, it’s always best to have a strategy going into Warzone 2 DMZ to help better your odds as much as possible.

Warzone 2 Red Access Card

Best Tips to Obtain Red & Blue Acces Card in Warzone 2 DMZ

Here are some tips to help you find a red and blue access card:

  • Bring up your tac map to search for the nearest UAV tower and activate it to highlight all the nearby chests and enemies in your area.
    • This strategy allows players to comfortably loot and search as many chests as possible for an access card.
    • The best spots to search for are the Blue and Orange supply chests. These have a higher chance of having a red access card from what players have seen.
  • Bring down a supply drop crate by capturing a Sam Site. These crates have a high chance of dropping a DMZ red or blue access card.
    • If you land near a spot with a UAV Tower and SAM Site, prioritize both objectives. This leads to the most loot options and more chances for a red or blue access card.
  • Complete DMZ Contracts to obtain large loot caches and supply drops. Some contracts end with a large loot cache or a supply drop reward. It’s always a great idea to have a contract active while you search for an access card.
  • Defeat the Velikan Boss in Warzone 2 DMZ.
    • DMZ bosses are more likely to drop a red or blue access card, but they are difficult, so it may not be the easiest method.
    • Players can find the Velikan Boss in Building 21.
  • Keep an eye out for Supply Drops.
    • Supply Drops will drop throughout a DMZ match. Wait for the announcement to appear on your screen and check your tac map for a yellow box with guns and a dollar sign. This is where the Supply Drop lands.
    • Head to the Supply Drop and loot it. These are the best ways to obtain a red and blue access card.

How to Use Red Access Card in Warzone 2 Building 21

Players need to use the red access card to open the red door near the “Office Storage” area of Building 21 in Warzone 2.

There is a map inside Building 21 that players can use to pinpoint the location of the “Office Storage” area. The red door is located slightly east of that area. Players can see the exact location in the image below.

If you are using the compass on your HUD, then the direction of the red door is roughly S 165-180.

Red Access Card Door

How to Use Blue Acess Card in Warzone 2 Building 21

The blue access card opens the blue door near the Data Center in the “Transition Room” area of Building 21 in Warzone 2.

Players can find the Data Center on the lowest floor of Building 21. There is no tac map, so players need to use the maps on the wall to navigate.

If you are using the compass on your HUD, then the direction of the red door is roughly S 180-190.

Blue Access Card DMZ Door

To use the red and blue access cards, players need to venture into Building 21. Unfortunately, Building 21 isn’t always live.

Check out our official Building 21 tracker to see when it goes live and how to gain access to it.