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How to Get Ursaluna & Evolve Ursaring in Pokemon GO

If you’re wondering how to get Ursaluna in Pokemon GO, we’ve got the answer for you!

Everyone wants to complete their Pokedex, but some Pokemon are much more difficult to catch than others.

Ursaring, an evolution that first appeared in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, is impossible to get in Pokemon GO unless you know its very specific evolution method.

How to Get Ursaluna in Pokemon GO

The only way to get Ursaluna in Pokemon GO is by evolving an Ursaring into Ursaluna during a full moon.

At the moment, there is no way to catch an Ursaluna, so the only way of getting one is by evolving Ursaring at this specific time.

Pokemon GO Ursaluna Battle

How to Evolve Ursaring into Ursaluna in Pokemon GO

To evolve Ursaring into Ursaluna in Pokemon GO, you must first wait until it is a full moon. Then, you can use 100 Teddiursa Candy to evolve Ursaring into Ursaluna.

The first full moon in Pokemon GO happened during the Teddiursa Community Day in November 2022.

Find out how to boost the Candy you earn in Pokemon GO if you need to earn more Teddiursa Candy to evolve Ursaluna!

Pokemon GO Teddiursa Ursaring Ursaluna

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Is There a Shiny Ursaluna in Pokemon GO?

Yes, there is a shiny version of Ursaluna in Pokemon GO, but the only way to get one is by evolving a shiny Ursaring.

As you cannot catch Ursaluna in the wild, you won’t ever be able to encounter one. This leaves evolving a shiny Ursaring as the only way to obtain one.

The shiny version of Ursaluna is quite similar to its normal version but instead of dark brown, its face and parts of its fur are reddish-brown.

Check out our Pokemon GO shiny odds guide to find out the chances of catching shiny Tediursa and Ursaring!

Shiny Teddiursa Family Pokemon GO

Best Ursaluna Moveset in Pokemon GO

The best moveset for Ursaluna is Tackle and High Horsepower. Additionally, if you want to teach it another charged attack, we suggest you go with Thunder Punch.

These are all of the attacks that you can teach Ursaluna:

Fast AttacksCharged Attacks
Tackle (Normal)Aerial Ace (Flying)
Rock Smash (Rock)Fire Punch (Fire)
High Horsepower (Ground)
Thunder Punch (Electric)

If you want to teach your Ursaluna any of these attacks, make sure you know how to get Elite Fast and Charged TMs in Pokemon GO.

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