The 2023 Pokemon GO Halloween event has added the new Tricks & Treats Costume Gengar – here’s how you can get it!

Gengar is a fan-favorite Pokemon, and now it is getting a brand-new costumed version for trainers to get in Pokemon GO.

Fortunately, there are a couple of ways you can add this spooky new Gengar to your Pokedex!

Every Way to Catch Tricks & Treats Costume Gengar in Pokemon GO Halloween 2023

You can catch Tricks & Treats Costume Gengar in Part 2 of the 2023 Halloween event using these 4 methods:

  1. Catch a wild Tricks & Treats Gengar
  2. Encounter Tricks & Treats Gengar after beating it in a Tier 3 Raid
  3. Earn up to 2 encounters with Tricks & Treats Gengar from the Halloween Part 2 Timed Research
  4. Get a Gengar encounter by completing step 4 of the Showdown in the Shadows Research
Tricks and Treats Gengar in Pokemon GO

Following the conclusion of the 2023 Pokemon GO Halloween, at 8 PM local time on October 31, Gengar will only be available to catch through the Showdown in the Shadows Research.

However, if you missed out, there’s a chance it could return in next year’s Halloween celebrations.

Can Tricks & Treats Costume Gengar Be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

Yes, Tricks & Treats costume Gengar can be shiny in Pokemon GO, and you can find it in the wild or from Raid rewards.

This is unlike the shiny version of the non-costumed Gengar, which cannot be shiny in the wild.

Despite this, whether it is wearing a costume or not, the shiny version of Gengar will always be a darker, purple-gray color.

Normal and Shiny Tricks and Treats Gengar Pokemon GO
Tricks & Treats Gengar (left) and shiny Tricks & Treats Gengar (right)
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