Getting to Gerudo Town in Tears of the Kingdom is pretty difficult, but you’ll have to do it on your journey to save Princess Zelda!

Located in the southwest corner of the map, Gerudo Town is in the middle of the vast and very hot Gerudo Desert. Therefore, it’s a long and arduous journey there, even at the best of times.

However, to make matters even worse, a huge sandstorm is raging through the region at the start of TOTK!

How to Get to Gerudo Town in Tears of the Kingdom

To get to Gerudo Town in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you must head through Gerudo Desert, passing Kara Kara Bazaar along the way and navigating through the Desert Rift sandstorm.

Once you have gotten through the sandstorm, you will be able to get into Gerudo Town.

Unfortunately, the Gerudo Desert is very hot. You’ll need to know how to increase your heat resistance in TOTK before you set out on this journey!

Gerudo Town Map TOTK

Reaching Kara Kara Bazaar

  • Head southwest from Lookout Landing.
  • Eventually, you will reach Gerudo Canyon Pass.
    • Even if it isn’t the shortest route, we recommend following the path to your left, through Yarna Valley.
      • There are plenty of cliffs you will not be able to climb off of the path.
TOTK Gerudo Canyon Path
Take the path on your left as you walk down the road (marked with an arrow)
  • Activate the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower so you can plan out your route.
  • Continue southwest until you reach Gerudo Desert.
    • From here, you should be able to see a large tower with a light on top – the Kara Kara Bazaar lighthouse.
Kara Kara Bazaar Lighthouse
Kara Kara Bazaar in the distance.
  • Head towards this tower, and you’ll reach Kara Kara Bazaar.
    • Make sure to activate the Mayatat Shrine on the northwest of Kara Kara Bazaar so you can fast travel here again.

Getting Through the Desert Rift Sandstorm

  • To the south of Kara Kara Bazaar is a sandstorm or ‘sand shroud’ blocking your view.
  • You must continue heading southwest through the sand shroud to reach Gerudo Town, but your map is blocked while you are inside the sandstorm.
TOTK Gerudo Desert Wind Gust
A gust of wind that can take you into the sky by using your paraglider.
  • The easiest way to get through this is by finding one of the gusts of air leading into the sky and opening your paraglider in it.
    • This will shoot you up into the sky and allow you to glide toward Gerudo Town.
    • Make sure to check your map when you are high in the sky above the sand shroud. This will allow you to see where Gerudo Town is and what direction you’re going.
Gerudo Desert Sandstorm Glide
Gliding over the sandstorm towards Gerudo Town.
  • Continue heading southwest towards Gerudo Town, either gliding or on foot.
  • Eventually, you will reach Gerudo Town!
Reach Gerudo Town TOTK

Entering Gerudo Town

  • Head straight through the gates, and you will notice that the town has been taken over by monsters, and the inhabitants are nowhere to be found.
  • Walk straight towards the palace in the south of the town, and you’ll see a hole in the stairs.
Gerudo Town Hole in Stairs
  • Head down the stairs, and the guard, Reeza, will not let you in.
    • Men are not usually allowed in Gerudo Town, so she turns you away.
  • This means you’ll have to find an alternative way in!

How to Get Inside Gerudo Town Shelter in TOTK

To get inside the Geurdo Town Shelter, you must jump down the drain and walk along the underground well to get underneath the shelter.

Then, you can use Ascend to travel up through the ground and into the Gerudo Town Shelter.

  • Stand in front of the palace steps, look to the left, and you will see a drain.
    • Jump down the drain and into the well.
Gerudo Town Well TOTK
Jump down the drain here (outlined in red).
  • Now head upstream towards the three torches you can see in the distance.
Gerudo Town Sewers TOTK
Get to the end of the tunnel where these three torches are.
  • Reach the end of the tunnel, where there is a vase on a rope, and use Ascend.
    • You will travel upwards into the Gerudo Town shelter.
TOTK Gerudo Shelter Ascend
Use Ascend in this spot to get into the Gerudo Town Shelter.
  • Buliara, leader of the Gerudo, will allow you to stay, and you’ll be able to use the front door from now on!

After getting inside the Gerudo Town Shelter, you will now have access to all of the shops inside, as well as the inn, and even some new side quests.

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