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~1 Hour
Zora Armor
Zora Helm
Zora Greaves

You’ll need to get the Zora Armor to save Zora’s Domain in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, so you’ll want to pick it up sooner rather than later!

However, even if the Zora Armor chest piece is the only one you need, you’ll want to pick up the Zora Helm and Zora Greaves too. This is because they greatly increase your swimming speed.

Luckily, the complete Zora Armor set is pretty easy to find, and you can get them all reasonably early into the game!

How to Get the Zora Armor in Tears of the Kingdom

To get the three pieces of the Zora Armor set in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you must complete three side quests for the people of Zora’s Domain.

Two of these quests are given to you by Yona, while the other comes from Khira and Chroma.

While it is not one of the best armor sets in TOTK, you must get at least the Zora Armor chest piece to complete the main story. Additionally, all three pieces of the set have some useful effects and abilities.

Zora Armor3Swim Speed Up
Allows you to swim up waterfalls
Zora Helm3Swim Speed Up
Allows you to spin to attack while swimming
Zora Greaves3Swim Speed Up

Zora Armor

You can get the Zora Armor in Tears of the Kingdom by completing the Restoring the Zora Armor side quest for Yona in Mipha Court.

This side quest tasks you with catching an Ancient Arowana fish and bringing it to Yona.

  • After starting the Sidon of the Zora main quest, you will be able to speak to Yona.
  • Talking to Yona in Mipha Court, just east of Zora’s Domain, will give you the side quest Restoring the Zora Armor side quest, which tasks you with bringing an Ancient Arowana to her.
Ancient Arowana TOTK
  • Once you’ve caught an Ancient Arowana, hand it to Lady Yona, and she will give you the Zora Armor.

While the Zora Armor is the most important piece of the set, as it allows you to swim up waterfalls, you’ll want to get the remaining two pieces to let you swim faster in TOTK.

However, obtaining the other two pieces are much more difficult.

Zora Armor TOTK

Zora Helm

The Zora Helm can be found in a hidden cave on the east side of the Floating Scales Sky Island, so it can be hard to find.

The exact coordinates for the chest that contains the Zora Helm are: (4101, 0524, 0584).

  • Speak to Khira and Chroma in Zora’s Domain to start the side quest, The Never-Ending Lecture.
TOTK Zora Helm Quest
  • Head to the southeast part of Floating Scales Island. This is the fish-shaped Sky Island you visit during the main quest Clues to the Sky.
    • To get here, you can use the materials on the ground below the island to make a hot air balloon.
    • Alternatively, if you already have the Zora Armor, you can jump off the nearby cliff and swim up the waterfall which is flowing off the Sky Island.
TOTK Floating Scales Island Location
  • From the southeast point on the tail part of the island, look up the side of the Sky Island, and you’ll see an entrance to a cave.
    • If you have not completed Sidon of the Zora yet, sludge will cover the entrance.
    • You can use a Splash Fruit or Blue Chuchu Jelly to remove the sludge and open the cave entrance.
TOTK Fish Island Hidden cave
  • Glide or climb down into this cave, and you will find a chest.
  • Open the chest to get the Zora Helm.
TOTK Zora Helm

Zora Greaves

To get the Zora Greaves in Tears of the Kingdom, you must first complete the main quest Sidon of the Zora.

Then, you can return to the now-drained Ancient Zora Waterworks and jump down a hole to find the Zora Greaves guarded by a Stone Talus.

  • Speak with Yona above the statue in Zora’s Domain to start the side quest A Token of Friendship.
TOTK Yona Zora Greaves
  • Jump into the whirlpool in the East Reservoir Lake to get to the Ancient Zora Waterworks.
Ancient Zora Waterworks Location TOTK
  • Head through the cave until you get to the part where the water has now been drained, and continue northwest.
  • You should come across a hole in the ground, which you need to jump down.
TOTK Zora Greaves Hole
  • Head further into the cave until you see a waterfall.
    • Be careful, as in front of the waterfall is a Stone Talus boss.
      • You can fight or avoid the Stone Talus.
        • If you plan on battling this boss, make sure to use some Bomb Flowers!
TOTK Zora Greaves Waterfall
  • Behind the waterfall, there will be a chest.
  • Open the chest to get the Zora Greaves.
Zora Greaves TOTK

Now that you have all three parts of the Zora Armor, you’ll be able to easily explore the waters in Tears of the Kingdom. However, there’s much more to find underground and in the air.

If you plan on exploring the sky, you’ll want to pick up the Glide Armor. Meanwhile, if you are heading into the depths, the Miner’s Armor will illuminate your path!

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