Key Points
Completion Time:
~1 hour
Phantom Armor Set
Must Haves:
Froggy Armor or Sticky Elixir (For Phantom Armor)

The Phantom Armor is one of the coolest and most powerful armor sets in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Luckily, getting it is pretty straightforward!

The three Phantom Armor pieces are scattered across Hyrule, but once you know where to get them, you’ll look just like a Phantom in no time. Plus, they provide additional attack power and even more defense than the fan-favorite Fierce Deity Armor!

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to pick up the Phantom Helmet, Greaves, and Armor in TOTK.

How to Get All Phantom Armor Pieces in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

You can get all three pieces of the Phantom Armor as soon as you start Tears of the Kingdom. However, you will need some equipment to protect you from the elements and help you get to hard-to-reach places.

Don’t worry though, everything you need in order to get the Phantom Armor is easy to acquire too. This is especially the case if you use the fastest way to Earn Rupees in Tears of the Kingdom.

It is also recommended you activate all of the Skyview Towers in TOTK so you can travel to each of the armor locations quickly.

Phantom Helmet

The Phantom Helmet is the easiest of the set to obtain. It can be found in Puffer Beach Overhead Cave, on the south coast of the map, and all you need to get there is either a Rocket or Spring Zonai Device.

  • The Phantom Helmet is at the back of Puffer Beach Overhead Cave (coordinates: 0296, -3849, 0042), but this cave is difficult to get into.
Puffer Beach Overhead Cave Location
  • Go down onto the beach and look up – you should see a cave with luminous stones above you.
  • Put down your Zonai Spring and use it to hop up into the cave.
    • You can also Fuse a Zonai Rocket to your shield to get up.
Puffer Beach Overhead Cave Spring
  • Defeat the couple of Horriblins in the cave, head forwards, and you should see a chest.
  • Open the chest and claim the Phantom Helmet.
Phantom Helmet TOTK

While you’re in Puffer Beach Overhead Cave, keep an eye out for ore deposits. It is one of the best places to find diamonds in Tears of the Kingdom!

Phantom Greaves

The Phantom Greaves are also easy to get, provided you know how to increase your heat resistance and your cold resistance, as it is in the Gerudo Desert.

  • In the southeast of Gerudo Desert, you will find the East Barrens – an area full of sinkholes that lead to various caves.
    • Each sinkhole leads to a different cave, so you need to make sure you jump down the right one.
TOTK Phantom Greaves Sinkhole
  • Hop into the sinkhole at coordinates (-2522, -3725, 0010) to get into the Ancient Altar Ruins.
    • We have marked it on the map below.
Phantom Greaves Location Map TOTK
  • Climb up onto the ledge, and you’ll be able to pick up the Phantom Greaves from the chest.
  • Once you have got the Phantom Greaves, just fast travel to get back out!
Phantom Greaves Tears of the Kingdom

Phantom Armor

The Phantom Armor is by far the trickiest of the set to obtain, as you need to venture into a dangerous cave with Gloom Hands in it.

There are two methods you can use to get to the chest that contains this armor piece. Both are explained in detail below. Method #1 avoids the Gloom Hands as much as possible but requires more resources.

On the other hand, Method #2 requires just a few arrows and a Fire Bomb, but will make you run from the Gloom Hands as they chase you down.

Method #1

As an option to avoid the Gloom Hands as much as possible, you can increase your slip resistance to get up to the ledge where the armor is.

  1. Before you set off to get the Phantom armor, you will need the Froggy armor set or a Sticky Elixir for this method.
    • You can make a Sticky Elixir using one Sticky Lizard or Sticky Frog and one monster part.
    • It is also a good idea to bring along a couple of Energizing Elixirs, so you don’t run out of stamina while climbing.
TOTK Sticky Elixir
  1. Head to the Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower and launch into the sky.
  2. Paraglide down to the entrance of Tamio River Downstream Cave (coordinates -2911, -0765, 0010).
TOTK Phantom Armor Location
  1. Enter the cave and defeat the two Horriblins.
Tamio River Downstream Cave TOTK
  1. Take the path to the left, in between the two glowing rocks.
Phantom Armor Left Path
  1. Head carefully to the end of the ledge.
    • Below you, there will be some Gloom Hands, and at the top of the cliff straight ahead will be the Phantom armor.
    • Just in case you die, we recommend you save your game here. It is also handy to know how to heal and prevent Gloom Damage, so you can stay safe!
Phantom Armor Location TOTK
  1. Drink your Sticky Elixir or make sure your Froggy Armor is equipped.
  2. Paraglide across to the cliff where the Phantom Armor is and start to climb without jumping.
  3. As the wall is wet, you must climb it using the following method, or you will fall.
    • Climb up the wall and count each step up.
    • After 12 steps of climbing up, press Y to jump.
    • After this jump, you will slip down a bit due to the slippery surface.
    • Repeat the process of 12 steps climbing slowly and then a jump until you get to the top.
      • If your stamina is almost empty, use one of the Energizing Elixirs you brought with you.
Phantom Armor Climbing
  1. Once you are at the top, you can open the chest and get the Phantom Armor, completing your set!
Phantom Armor TOTK

Method #2

  1. For this method, make sure you have a few arrows and at the very least one Flower Bomb in your inventory before heading to the cave.
    • If you do not have any arrows, you can buy five arrows for 20 Rupees at the Lookout Landing General Store.
    • Also, if you need to farm some Flower Bombs, you can get some at the Bottomless Cave at the Great Sky Island starting area.
Flower Bombs Bottomless Cave Location Tears of the Kingdom
  1. Now, follow steps 2 to 6 from Method #1 to locate the cave. Once you are in the correct room, jump from the ledge and quickly run around the pillar where the chest is located.
  2. The wall behind this pillar is made up of breakable stones. Shoot this area with arrow fused with a bomb to break it.
  3. Once the wall has been blasted, it will reveal a path leading directly to the chest. Go up this path and open the chest to get this piece of the Phantom Armor.
Tamio River Downstream Cave Breakable Wall

Now that you’ve got the attack-boosting Phantom Armor, you might also want some gear for adventuring in Hyrule. Find out how to get the Glide Suit as well as the glow-in-the-dark Miner’s Armor to make sky-high and underground exploration a breeze!

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