Key Points
Completion Time:
~30 minutes
Zelda's Golden Horse
Must Haves:
Energizing Elixir or other stamina replenishing item

The Golden Horse is a unique mount in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and a very powerful one too. Not only is it a gleaming gold color, but it has impressive strength and speed!

Luckily, getting your hands on the Golden Horse, which actually belongs to Princess Zelda herself, is pretty simple.

Golden Horse Snowfiled Stable TOTK

How to Get The Golden Horse in Tears of the Kingdom & Location

To get to the Golden Horse in the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you must complete the Zelda’s Golden Horse side quest at Snowfiled Stable.

Upon completing this quest, you will be able to register and name the Golden Horse.

Before you start your journey to get the Golden Horse, you’ll need to know how to increase your cold resistance in TOTK. This is because the Golden Horse is found in the freezing cold Tabantha Tundra.

  • Head to the Lucky Clover Gazette.
    • This is located just to the east of Rito Village.
  • Speak with Traysi and Penn to start the Potential Princess Sightings side quest.
Traysi Lucky Clover Gazette TOTK
  • Head northeast to Snowfield Stable.
    • On the way to the stable, make sure you don’t miss the adventurers stuck in a house. If you kill the monsters outside, they will teach you how to shield surf!
Lucky Clover Gazette to Snowfield Stable TOTK
  • On the right-hand side of the stable, you will see Penn talking to Harlow.
    • Speak to them, and you will get the Zelda’s Golden Horse side quest.
    • Speak to Harlow again, and she will give you an Energizing Elixir.
    • You will likely need to consume one of these while taming the Golden Horse so you don’t run out of stamina while it tries to buck you off.
Zelda's Golden Horse Quest TOTK
  • Head north into the Tabantha Tundra in search of the Golden Horse.
    • You can choose to fight the Frost Gleelok on the way or head slightly east to avoid it.
    • Continue riding north until you see some ruins at the map coordinates -1817, 3386, 0235.
Frost Gleelok TOTK
Steer clear of the Frost Gleelok unless you want a very difficult fight.
  • Among the group of wild horses, there will be the Golden Horse.
  • Mount the Golden Horse with the A button and press L repeatedly to soothe it.
    • You may need to consume a stamina-replenishing meal or Elixir while on the Golden Horse’s back to tame it without getting thrown off.
Taming the Golden Horse TOTK
If your stamina runs out, the Golden Horse will throw you off.
  • Head Back to Snowfield Stable and speak with Harlow and Penn.
    • They will insist you keep the horse for yourself.
  • Register the horse at Snowfield Stable for 20 Rupees, and it will be yours to keep forever!
Keep the Golden Horse Zelda TOTK

Golden Horse Stats

The Golden Horse has impressive strength and speed, as well as the gentle temperament. This makes it a very good horse, no matter how far you are in the game.

Register Golden Horse Zelda TOTK

Additionally, you can upgrade the Golden Horse’s stats by visiting Malanya, the Horse God, in the northeast corner of the map.

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