Key Points
Completion Time:
2 - 4 Hours
Froggy Sleeves, Froggy Leggings, Froggy Hood
Must Haves:
Started the Potential Princess Sightings Quest
Required For:
Climbing Without Falling

Are you sick and tired of slipping while climbing in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom? Well, you need the slip-proof Froggy Armor!

Sales pitch aside, this handy armor set allows players to climb any surface, even during the heaviest rainfall.

To get your hands on it, you’ll need to put in the work and help Penn out with a whopping 12 different tasks! Here are all the details.

Link wearing the Froggy Armor set in TOTK
Credit – Gaming with Abyss

Froggy Armor Set Location in TOTK

You unlock each piece of the Froggy Armor set by progressing through the side quest Potential Princess Sightings, which requires you to complete 12 quests for Penn.

Here is how to unlock the Froggy Armor set:

  • Froggy Sleeve – Complete four quests for Penn
  • Froggy Leggings – Complete nine quests for Penn
  • Froggy Hood – Complete the entire Potential Princess Sightings quest

To start these extra side quests, you’ll need to visit 12 different Stables and talk to Penn at each one. So, make sure you know where every Stable is in Hyrule before you start the quest.

Each piece of the Froggy Armor set in TOTK
Credit – Gaming with Abyss

How to Complete the Potential Princess Sightings Quest

To start the Potential Princess Sightings quest, you must go to the Lucky Clover Gazette outside Rito Village and talk to Traysi and Penn.

You then need to meet Penn at 12 different Stables across Hyrule. At each one, he will give you a different side adventure for you to complete.

Once you’ve done them all, you need to report back to Traysi at the Lucky Clover Gazette. The reward for this quest is the Froggy Armor set.

The location of the Lucky Clover Gazette and Link talking to Penn in TOTK
The coordinates for the Lucky Clover Gazette (image on the left) are:
-3244, 1773, 0119
Credit – Gaming with Abyss

Here are the 12 Stables and their corresponding quests you need to complete as part of the Potential Princess Sightings quest:

South Akkala StableThe All-Clucking Cucco
Foothill StableFor Our Princess!
Woodland StableSerenade to a Great Fairy
Wetland StableThe Missing Farm Tools
Riverside StableGourmets Gone Missing
Dueling Peaks StablePrincess Zelda Kidnapped?
Highland StableAn Eerie Voice
Gerudo Canyon StableThe Blocked Well
Outskirt StableThe Beckoning Woman
New Serenne StableThe Beast And The Princess
Tabantha Bridge StableWhite Goats Gone Missing
Snowfield StableZelda’s Golden Horse

Penn will automatically give you the Froggy Sleeve and Froggy Leggings upon completing four and nine of these quests for him, respectively.

However, to get the Froggy Hood, you must report back to Traysi and the Lucky Clover Gazette once you have completed all of the quests.

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